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Yuuki is the main protagonist of Princess Connect! and Princess Connect! Re:Dive. He is a mysterious male player who has the ability to empower his allies during battles. He suffers from amnesia and is on a journey to regain his memories. He is a member of Gourmet Guild and a former member of Twinkle Wish.


In the first game, Yuuki was presented as a faceless, first-person character. In the second game, he is given a clear appearance, with Yuuki sporting unkempt black hair, teal eyes and he has an average, yet sturdy build. His avatar belongs to the human-race. He wears a black and teal outfit with a blue cape around him and an armor plate on his right shoulder. He wears a pair of dark brown leather gloves on his hands. He also wears brown pants and dark brown boots. He has a blue belt with a golden belt buckle and a red strap for holding on to a gray sheath. His weapon is a long sword.

In the real world, Yuuki has a similar appearance to his in-game appearance. During certain stills, he wears the Tsubakigaoka Metropolitan High School's male uniform, which consist of a white shirt underneath a dark blue blazer, grey pants and black shoes.

In the anime, his outfit had a few changes, the shoulder plate and the red strap were removed and he does not wear any additional armor on both of his legs.


In the first game, Yuuki was shown to have quite the sarcastic side. Though being a friendly and approachable guy, he was not above making snide remarks at anything he found to be inconvenient or annoying, with some of his comments coming off as grating, calling out Fio when she poked fun at him for not knowing anything for being a newbie. While Yuuki used to go along with a lot of his friends' antics and quirky behavior, he would occasionally make it a point that they needed to behave themselves to not cause unnecessary problems, usually ones that involve him getting the end of the stick despite being the one that tries to defuse the situations. He also had a dry sense of humor, which, coupled with the above, made him come off as a bit of a jerk to some, such as commenting on how ineffectual Okto, Nouem and their little gang were as "villains" despite being part of the Seven Crowns, which Fio and Rei chastise him for.

However, Yuuki is a nice person. As shown in his childhood with Saren, he is quite selfless and protects others when they need help, even if he puts himself at risk for their sake. He is willing to go out of his way to assist someone, rarely thinks much of what he does and never asks for anything in return, unless it is insisted upon by whoever he helps. This trait has allowed him to form friendships with multiple people. His honesty, while sometimes frank, shows that he has nothing to hide, yet is also willing to keep a secret for his friends if it means respecting their privacy, something that has earned him the trust of others and has allowed them to open up to him. He tries his best to understand those around him and encourages them to give it their all when faced with challenge, helping Nozomi take her dream of being a top idol seriously and Aoi's social anxieties. Yuuki's genuine kindness has endeared him to others and inspired Akira Mosakuji to regain her faith in the world. Yuuki is also, humorously, oblivious to the feelings of girls who have romantic interests in him, despite the many obvious hints they present to him. Yuuki initially had no interest in playing Legends of Astrum, until he was forcefully logged into the game. However, thanks to meeting and becoming a part of Twinkle Wish, he found himself thoroughly enjoying the experience and dedicated much of his time in-game adventuring with them, solidified by him promising to help them in their goal to reach the Tower of Sol's top. While Yuuki does cherish the bonds he has made, he treasures his bond with his guildmates the most thanks to his time spent with them in the small time he has shared with them, both in the game and in real life, and will come to their defense without hesitation. Yuuki was also a surprisingly good strategist, being the one to come up with plans and instruct Twinkle Wish to get out of any situation by making sure of his guildmates' specific skills.

In the second game, after suffering amnesia, Yuuki had lost all basic knowledge such monetary value, his sense of direction and judge of character, requiring others, most notably Kokkoro, to help teach and guide him. A great example of this is how he initially chewed on a piece of Rupee and often gets lost in and out of Landosol while looking for either Kokkoro or Pecorine. Additionally, Yuuki lost all of his fighting experiences, which initially made him practically useless in a fight except for his Princess Knight power until Mifuyu Ogami began acting his part-time mentor and Rei sparring with him from time to time. Yuuki's overall behavior has been likened to that of a child due to his newfound innocence, but he occasionally shows some of his old personality, such as his sarcasm. He had also begun to adopt Pecorine's penchant for oddly open-minded cuisine, at one point eating an insect raw. Despite his current state, Yuuki's kindness and selflessness persists through his amnesia, showing that his true nature still shines through even without his memories, such as defending Karyl from Mana even after learning of Karyl's role as an assassin sent to kill Pecorine and him. However, there are times where Yuuki is able to show off some bouts of cleverness, being able to help Suzuna with her math problems. Additionally, he is able to hold down several part-time jobs, showing that he is still capable of working by himself. Bits of his old personality does resurface when he regains some of his old memories. In Dangerous Vacation, Yuuki had regained some of his old personality and memories enough that when Kokkoro was captured by the Giant Squid, he was the one who came up with the plan to rescue her and defeat the beast, coordinating Pecorine, Karyl, Kokkoro and Suzume to do as they asked him. Additionally, he had become more assertive during this which Pecorine noticed, but Yuuki still retained his new personality afterwards, reassuring the others the he is still the same person they know. In the second arc, however, Yuuki suffers another amnesia, but this time worse than before, as his mental state and personality have been reverted to that of a baby, although he is able to recover not long after.

Yuuki is revealed to have a wish of becoming a Magical Girl, pleading with Mora to turn him into one despite the fact that only girls are allowed to become one. He also has a huge love for them, which is what allowed him to get along with resident magical girl fangirl, Nanaka Tanno. Upon learning that Mora had made it possible for him to turn Shiori and Kasumi into Magical Girls using his Princess Knight ability, Yuuki did not hesitate to transform the two. This becomes a running gag where he causes Kasumi to transform, catchphrase and all, against her will whenever he has the chance to do so.

In the anime adaptation, Yuuki's amnesia is shown to have affected his mental state that, along with his lack of basic knowledge, his behavior is reverted that of a toddler. In addition to his current state, he is only able to speak one or two words at a time and he simply follows along what the rest of the Gourmet Guild do. His uselessness in a fight is shown where he is unable to take care of himself and often gets bitten or chewed on by various monsters and even animals, which becomes a running gag throughout the anime. However, much like in the game, Yuuki's unyielding kindness and heroism still shows, throwing himself between Christina and Hatsune when the former was about to attack the latter and facing a giant Shadow by himself to protect an injured Pecorine and Karyl. Over time, Yuuki slowly but surely starts to regain much of his mental faculties and starts becoming independent, being able to fight monsters and Shadows by himself. However, his memories still remain fragmented and when he does start to remember his past, his behavior takes a momentary shift, mainly if he remembers anything relating to his former guild, Twinkle Wish. Yuuki becomes serious, lacking much of his innocence which Karyl notices after he asks Pecorine for swordsmanship lessons. Upon seeing a vivid memory he had of them, Yuuki became depressed for forgetting about them and blaming himself for failing to protect them. While Yuuki does care for his current guildmates and the people they have befriended, he becomes reckless in his attempts to save everyone, such as forcefully pushing the limits of his Princess Knight power to prevent Kiiri from disappearing and reassuring Labyrista he is fine when asked about his worsening physical condition. Ultimately, Yuuki's decisions and actions are meant to protect his friends no matter the pain he has to endure, shown in a flashback where he tearfully sacrificed the bonds he formed and memories he created in a previous loop with his friends to start over and save them.


During his childhood, Yuuki had met Shizuru Hoshino, whom acted like an older sister to him until she and her family moved away. At some point, he met and befriended Rino Inosaki, who he had acted like an older brother to. Yuuki was also close childhood friends with Saren Sasaki, with the two practically growing up together.

Prior to middle school, Yuuki had also met Hiyori Harusaki, where he helped her reunite with her mother after she had gotten lost, and later during his time in summer camp, he met and befriended Rei, who taught him how to fish, but neither would recognize each other upon their reunion years later. He also met popular school idol Nozomi Sakurai and helped hide her from her fans who were chasing her, becoming friends with her while not being aware who she is.

In Princess Connect![]

Yuuki is a Second-Year student at Tsubakigaoka Metropolitan High School. Sometime after school, Yuuki decided to relax in a park until he met a woman named Akira Mosakuji. After a brief discussion, Yuuki found himself being forcefully logged in on the VRMMORPG Legends of Astrum. Falling inside the Princess Arena, Yuuki wondered where he was until a voice called out to him, appearing in the form of a fairy and welcoming him to the game. The fairy introduces herself to him as Fio, who has assigned herself to be his Navigation Fairy due to him being a rookie in the game. Yuuki and Fio later enter the main arena and find themselves in the middle of a 3-on-3 battle. In his confusion, Yuuki unknowingly activates a mysterious power which causes one group to unleash a Union Burst simultaneously, earning them the victory in the fight.

Bandicam 2022-05-24 01-44-22-278

Yuuki and Rei fighting Mana Senri.

Soon after, Yuuki introduces himself to the group who are a guild called Twinkle Wish. Due to being a beginner and having no idea what to do, Yuuki asks if he could join their guild which Hiyori and Yui eagerly accept, but Rei refuses, reminding the other two that they promised that it would only be just the three of them. Yuuki ends up becoming a member of the guild, leading Rei to angrily storm off. While helping search for Rei, Akira contacts him and apologizes for suddenly putting Yuuki in this situation, but vaguely answers to him that she wishes to see if he can help Twinkle Wish reach their goal before she cuts off the transmission. Eventually, Yuuki finds Rei and tries to reason with her, but they are interrupted by the appearance of a strong monster, forcing them to fight it off. It isn't until Hiyori and Yui arrive to assist them that they successfully defeat the monster. Ultimately, Yuuki and the other two are able to convince Rei to stay in the guild. During his first time with the guild, Yuuki learns that the guild's goal is to make it to the summit of the Tower of Sol, where the wish granting AI, Minerva, awaits any player who successfully reaches the top. Unsure at first, Yuuki decides to help the girls, with the group collectively vowing to become the first players to meet Minerva and become the Chosen Princess. During their adventures, they encounter Okto and Muimi Sonoue, members of the Seven Crowns, who stand their way of making it to the Tower of Sol. Yuuki and the girls are able to defend themselves and drive off Okto and Muimi. Sometime later, Yuuki learns that Yui is the same girl from his class, and they agree to meet up with Hiyori and Rei in real life. After some awkward re-introductions, Yuuki is able to properly befriend Rei and Hiyori, with the group reaffirming their dream of meeting Minerva. Later on, Akira would inform Yuuki that he is a Princess Knight and that he has the power to boost the strength of his allies in a fight, telling him that she believes he and his friends have what it takes to reach the top of the Tower of Sol and save Minerva.

Twinkle Wish VS Kaiser Insight

Yuuki and his guild facing Omniscient Kaiser at the top of Sol Tower for their final battle.

At some point, Yuuki had met Pecorine and Karyl Momochi at different points while playing Astrum by himself, where he helped the former get accustomed and learned the basics of the game, while helping the latter in fending off a group of monsters. He also met Kokkoro Natsume and be her first real friend. Prior to Twinkle Wish's excursion in Sol Tower, Yuuki had met Pecorine in real life and properly became friends with her, where he would later learn that her family are one of the many benefactors of Legends of Astrum and having a hand in creating Minerva before she gained sentience. During their many encounters and battles against the Seven Crowns, Yuuki and the others would develop a rivalry with Okto and Nouem. Yuuki and the others would learn from Minerva, who had hijacked the account of Seven Crowns member Rajikumar Rajinikanth, the Leap King, that her creators had found her and asked them to save her. In Sol Tower, Yuuki and his guild battle the remaining members of both WISDOM and the Seven Crowns. Ultimately, they win and reach the summit. From there, they find out that Mana Senri, the last standing Seven Crowns member, has merged herself with Minerva and intends to use the AI's power all for herself. Although giving it their all, Twinkle Wish are brutally taken down one-by-one by Kaiser, with Fio's death along with Rei and Hiyori's defeat traumatizing Yuuki. However, when Mana tries to take out Yui, Yuuki jumps in and takes the attack in her stead, seemingly killing him.

In Re:Dive[]

Arc 1[]

Yuuki wakes up in an unknown place, where he is greeted by a girl named Ameth, who speaks as if she is familiar with him. After informing Yuuki that she will be sending him down to Landosol and that she has assigned someone to help guide him in her stead, Ameth tells Yuuki that she hoped to have talked to him a bit longer, but wishes him good luck on his adventure.

Yuuki Wakes Up

Yuuki awakens and meets his guide.

After falling from the sky and gently landing on a grassy hill, an amnesiac Yuuki wakes up and finds himself in the company of a short, white-haired elf girl named Kokkoro, who tells him that she has been instructed to become his loyal servant, calling him her lord. While on their way to Landosol, they come across a starving girl and give her some of their food. Yuuki and Kokkoro call her "Pecorine", which the girl happily accepts as her new nickname. While eating, Pecorine notices a girl screaming for help. All three of them go to help her and defeat the monsters chasing after her. The girl thanks them and introduces herself as Yui. Pecorine then calls the others to her and shows them an unconscious girl just near them, with Yuuki carrying the girl on his back until more monsters appear. Vowing to escape together, Yuuki, Kokkoro, Pecorine and Yui work together to defeat the monsters. After escaping with the unconscious girl in tow, Yuuki and Kokkoro part ways with Pecorine and Yui, with the two of them taking the unconscious girl to a nearby clinic. Afterwards, he and Kokkoro are treated to lunch by Yui.

Later on, Kokkoro asks him for permission for her to get a job to financially support themselves, giving him some allowance to spend for the day while she works. Yuuki, however, gives it back to her, insisting that he will find a job himself so as not to burden Kokkoro with all the work. The pair are able to find some work, with Yuuki working as a delivery boy. Sometime later, he regroups with Kokkoro and decide to have dinner somewhere until they bump into the catgirl from before, who introduces herself as Karyl and treats them to dinner as thanks for rescuing her earlier. In the restaurant, they reunite with Pecorine, who had just finished through a massive plate of food and decides to invite them over to eat with her. Yuuki then helps himself to the food, which Pecorine reveals include bugs as part of the dishes. He then observes while eating as Pecorine and Karyl debate on whether bugs are good delicacies or not. Later that night, Yuuki meets Ameth in his dream, who adds that she will try her best to reconnect lost pieces of his memories, but he should also do his best to rekindle his lost bonds with those around him. Ameth wakes him up from his dream, urging him to start his new adventure.

Arc 1[]

Chapter 1: A Mysterious Girl[]

A month after settling in Landosol, Yuuki is informed by Kokkoro that they are running out of funds to continue lodging at the inn and even buy food, thus they have no choice but to accept more dangerous work if they wish to continue living in Landosol. While looking at the notice board, Yuuki comes across Suzume, a maid working for Sarendia Orphanage that Yuuki met and helped before. When Suzume informs the two that she was posting a job poster, seeking help to organize luggage and providing safe transportation, Yuuki accepts the job after learning the reward is vacancy at the orphanage.

Muimi talking to the group

Yuuki and the others talking to Muimi.

On the way, the three are able to load up the luggage in a carriage and have lunch inside it. Yuuki happily helps himself to the food, until they notice the sandwiches disappearing from the basket. They notice a girl is swiping them, who is hiding inside one of the boxes. The girl comes out, and starts speaking with Yuuki as if she knows him, though he does not recognize her. The girl then starts referring to Yuuki as "Princess Knight", which confuses him and the other two girls. Their conversation is cut short when the carriage comes under attack, though he and the others are able to get out in time, with the mysterious girl taking the brunt of the explosion. Yuuki, Kokkoro and Suzume find themselves surrounded by shadowy figures who Suzume recognizes as beastfolk from Menagerie. Okto, the person behind the attack, reveals the girl's name to be Muimi. Yuuki is informed by her that they need to run while she stays to buy them time, but he refuses to leave her behind. Yuuki sees Makoto, a beastgirl that he is friends with. When Kokkoro asks him how he is friends with so many people, he answers that he's befriend at least forty girls over the month they were in Landosol, causing Kokkoro to react unamused. He is instructed by her to escape while she covers them, but before they can, Makoto and her companions are fired upon by arrows. Yuuki recognizes the two responsible as Shizuru and Rino. After a brief skirmish, Shizuru knocks out Muimi and takes her as the entire area around Yuuki and the others start shifting uncontrollably. In the ensuing chaos, Yuuki takes Kokkoro and Suzume and follow Makoto to escape.

Chapter 2: Regina Geas[]
Yuuki and the group at Caon

Yuuki and the others after being healed by Maho.

A few hours later, Yuuki and the others are taken by Makoto to her guild's base of operations. Bruised up during their escape, the head of Caon, Maho, fixes them up using her magic. Yuuki thanks her, with Maho telling him it was her way of apologizing for Makoto getting them into trouble and they should rest. Yuuki is told by Maho that she has her members looking for a new carriage to compensate for the one they lost. She adds that she scrambled the rest to help look for Muimi after Labyrinth abducted her.

Makoto returns and informs Yuuki and the others that Okto was just a pawn and that someone else is behind the carriage attack. As they wonder who it is, they come under attack by a woman who introduces herself as Christina Morgan and incites a fight between her, Kaori and Makoto. Yuuki notices Kokkoro is nervous and reassures her that things will be fine and asks Maho if there is anything he could do to hep. Maho asks him to use his mysterious power on her while she casts a couple of powerful spells and that he defend her as she does so. Yuuki obliges and begins powering up Maho. As the fight continues, Yuuki realizes Christina has set her sights on Kokkoro and, with Makoto's help, keeps her away. Just then, their fight is stopped by a girl who Yuuki recognizes as Saren. After Saren sends Christina back to the castle, Yuuki and the others take a moment to rest.

Chapter 3: Lurking Shadows[]

Some hours later, Yuuki and Kokkoro are brought by Saren and Suzume to the Sarendia Orphanage. After being shown to their room, the two prepare for bed while discussing the events of today. Yuuki comments how nice it is of Saren to let them live in the orphanage, with Kokkoro agreeing but also voices that she is unsure they can trust them yet. Yuuki, however, vouches for Saren being a trustworthy person as he knows her, allowing Kokkoro to be at ease with his judgement. As they go to sleep, Suzume checks in and finds him and Kokkoro sleeping next to each other and asks they don't do that. Yuuki apologizes, though Suzume understands that he has amnesia but still doesn't allow the two to sleep in the same room, suggesting that Kokkoro move to the room across the hall which the little elf doesn't understand why. After the commotion is resolved, Yuuki decides to go join dinner with the others per Suzume's suggestion.

Yuuki welcomed by Ayane and Kurumi

Yuuki is welcomed to the orphanage by his new family.

After dinner, Suzume asks Yuuki to carry a sleeping Kurumi to her room which he does. They are then greeted by Ayane, waking up Kurumi, who both recognize Yuuki. He is given a warm welcome by the girls as part of their family, with Kurumi and Ayane hugging him and calling him "big brother", making Yuuki smile. After helping Kurumi and Ayane go to sleep, Yuuki has dinner with Kokkoro, Saren and Suzume. During dinner, Yuuki is told by Saren that due to the incident Christina caused at Caon, he and Kokkoro are free to stay in the orphanage for as long as they like. Yuuki is relieved, but asks if she is sure about letting him and Kokkoro stay. Saren says that she is, but they need to earn their keep at least and will help them find a job if needed. She explains that due to the incident, somebody needed to take them into custody and since the Orphanage was a neutral third party, it made sense that she take them in. Yuuki, due to his amnesia, is confused which Saren notices and thus explains more thoroughly so he can understand their predicament. Yuuki is brought up to speed by Saren about Landosol's history, its status as the capital of the Continent of Astraea, the royal monarchy, the five races, the guild known as Nightmare and the "Princess Knight" association. He is told that the likely reason Christina started an attack at Caon was to stir up conflict between the humanfolk and beastfolk, something Nightmare themselves would benefit from and return them to power across the land. During the discussion, Yuuki learns that Saren was once the vice-captain of Nightmare before she resigned from her position to run the orphanage. Yuuki is also told by her about a recent mysterious phenomenon known as "Lost", explaining that people caught it in disappear without a trace, adding that Kurumi and Ayane are victims of it with their respective parents having disappeared and took them in, which Yuuki finds admirable of her. Yuuki begins to understand the situation just before Saren leaves for the inquiry and they continue eating.

Shadow going to Yuuki's Sword

Yuuki's sword absorbs the fake Saren.

After dinner, Yuuki and Kokkoro part to their separate rooms and he immediately goes to sleep. Late in the night, Kokkoro wakes him up to check on him after she heard screaming. Yuuki initially thinks Kokkoro is on edge until they hear a loud scream and both rush off to check on it. Yuuki and Kokkoro run downstairs to the main hall and find Suzume comforting a scared and crying Ayane and Kurumi. The kids explain that they saw someone that looked like Ayane standing outside watching them. While comforting the kids, Yuuki is asked by Suzume to stay by the girls' side as she goes out to check what they saw. Soon after Suzume leaves, Yuuki, Kokkoro and the kids are attacked by someone that resembles Saren. Yuuki protects Kurumi when "Saren" attacks her just as Suzume returns. Kokkoro surmises that this is a type of monster that impersonates someone, with Yuuki telling the kids to run upstairs and hide as he, Kokkoro and Suzume fight "Saren". After confirming that it isn't the real Saren, Yuuki and the others are able to beat it, but soon it stands up again and continues attacking them. When Kokkoro and Suzume are able to finally kill it, however, the fake Saren turns into a white light and is mysteriously absorbed into Yuuki's sword. As he and the others take a moment to rest, Yuuki wonders why the fake Saren was absorbed into his sword, with Kokkoro deciding to ask Ameth through her next prayer. However, Yuuki and the group realize that there are more outside and have surrounded the orphanage. Knowing that fighting them all will be hopeless, Yuuki gathers the kids and they all decide to make a run for it towards the meeting where Saren is to ask for help.

Chapter 4: Pastures in Peril[]
Yuuki, Pecorine and Rin surrounded

Yuuki, Rin and Pecorine surrounded by monsters.

Months after the incident, Yuuki goes out after accepting a job to hunt monsters while the orphanage is now being guarded by people Saren's father had sent. In the interim since the incident, Yuuki had become part of a guild that he and Pecorine named the Gourmet Guild, with Kokkoro and Karyl being the other members. While in the woods, Yuuki comes across a starving Pecorine who he gives his bag of biscuits to, who in turns decides to accompany him on his work. Yuuki then asks Pecorine what she is doing out in the woods by herself as well, and she explains that she has to travel around on her own, helping people and defeating monsters as part of a family tradition. Yuuki is asked by Pecorine if he remembers the day they first met and he learns that he was on her way back home, but was sent back out according to her. Yuuki feels bad for her, but she reassures him that being out on the road again is okay, being optimistic and that she'll still see him and their friends again. Yuuki is then asked where Kokkoro is and he says that she went to a temple by herself. However, they hear a girl screaming for help. The two turn around and see a girl being chased by a group of monsters. Yuuki recognizes her as Rin, who asks for his and Pecorine's help. He and Pecorine work together to fend off the monsters and are able to defeat all of them together. After asking Rin what is wrong, Yuuki and Pecorine learn that the farm her guild, Elizabeth Park, owns is under attack by monsters. The two follow Rin to go help.

Upon reaching the farm, Yuuki and Pecorine are met with the sight of the farm under siege by a multitude of rampaging monsters. When Pecorine suggests that he and Rin return to Landosol to ask for backup, Yuuki refuses to leave her alone as he and Rin decide to fight too, wanting to helping the people in the farm as well. Yuuki and Rin then follow Pecorine's lead and they see smoke coming from the barn, which recognizes as a distress signal. The trio are able to make it past the monsters and reach the farm unscathed. Inside the barn, Yuuki and the others find Lima hiding inside. Mahiru, Elizabeth Park's guild master, returns with Shiori in tow. When Pecorine decides to lure the monsters away by herself, Yuuki tries to join her but is discouraged from it when she says she can't protect all of them if that happens. Ultimately, Yuuki goes along with Mahiru and the others in escaping the farm and returning with backup. He and the others then fight their way through every monster that blocks them and are able to escape unharmed.

Chapter 5: The Seven Crowns[]

At nightfall, Yuuki leaves Elizabeth Park and goes back to the woods to search for Pecorine alone. While searching, he encounters Karyl inexplicably nearby, but the two are attacked by monsters. Yuuki nearly falls off a cliff, but he and Karyl are suddenly teleported away, rendering him unconscious.

Yuuki protects Karyl from Mana

Yuuki protecting Karyl from "Princess Eustiana".

Hearing someone screaming, Yuuki regains consciousness and finds himself in the castle throne room and sees a beastfolk woman attacking Karyl. Yuuki puts himself between Karyl and the woman, "Princess Eustiana von Astraea", who speaks to him familiarly. Afterwards, Yuuki tends to Karyl and asks if she is okay. As he does so, "Eustiana" warns him not to do anything funny lest he wants harm to fall on Karyl as they talk. "Eustiana" asks him if he feels that the world is artificial, which he doesn't understand. Her Majesty explains that the world they live feels so inconvenient for something such as "an ordinary life" to him due to it lacking many things to provide such a thing. Yuuki still doesn't understand, with "Eustiana" taunting him over his lack of awareness and accepting these inconsistencies as normal. Yuuki is then asked how much of his past does he remember, learning that "Eustiana" had tasked Karyl as a spy on him and Pecorine, hoping that his memories had not come back and he proved a threat again. Yuuki asks if he and "Eustiana" have met before, with the latter simply laughing at how much of their shared history he has forgotten. Yuuki is then asked multiple things -- "Legends of Astrum", someone named "Minerva", the title of "Princess Knight", the "Seven Crowns" and their members, and a fairy named "Fio"—all of which he has vague recollections of. After this, he is mocked by "Eustiana" for having completely forgotten everything as he now poses no threat to her, as he is no longer the same boy who once stood in her way and casts a spell that causes him to disappear.

Opening his eyes, Yuuki suddenly finds himself plummeting from high up in the sky. Moments from crashing on the ground, he is caught just in time by Pecorine, who saw him freefall. The pair are soon joined by Christina, who was fighting Pecorine earlier, and then by Muimi and an elvenfolk named Raji. Just as Yuuki is catching up with Muimi, however, Raji informs them of a dangerous presence and the group looks up and sees "Eustiana" above them in the sky wearing an entirely different outfit. Yuuki learns that "Eustiana" had lured them all to this location in an attempt to wipe them all out at once. Just then, Yuuki meets a woman named Labyrista, who arrives to deliver something to him, but decides to help them escape. Yuuki stands his ground as "Eustiana" fires a battalion-level spell on them, with him and everyone engulfed by the attack.

Chapter 6: Forgotten Princess[]

Yuuki is found asleep between Pecorine and Kokkoro.

A short time after the attack, Yuuki is found by Suzume asleep on his bed at the orphanage with both Pecorine and Kokkoro sleeping beside him. The next morning, Yuuki joins the others downstairs for breakfast. He is asked by Suzume and Kokkoro how he and Pecorine got back to the Orphanage after they heard them being involved in an incident last night. After Pecorine explains what happened, however, neither him or her can remember how they escaped the attack "Eustiana" staged against them.

Yuuki and the others learn that Pecorine is the real Eustiana von Astraea, and the one currently on the throne is an usurper who stole her identity. Hearing that name, Yuuki realizes that the person she is referring to is Mana. Pecorine, learning he had a conversation with her, asks him if he could tell her what they talked about later. After hearing her predicament, Yuuki decides to accompany Pecorine, not wanting to let her handle things alone. With Kokkoro, the three take action but first decide to head to where Elizabeth Park set camp to meet Saren, but upon arriving there they find no traces of anyone. While searching around, they hear a little girl talking to herself. Yuuki and the others ask this girl, Matsuri, if she knows where Elizabeth Park had gone. She tells them that that they all went back to the farm last night along with some other guilds to help rebuild the farm itself. However, Matsuri mistakes them for bad guys and tries to arrest them. The situation worsens when another knight from Nightmare, Tomo, appears and engages them. Yuuki stands back with Kokkoro while Pecorine deals with her, but seeing Tomo match Pecorine makes Yuuki decide to assist her in the fight alongside Kokkoro. During this, they learn that Mana has been bedridden after using the battalion-level spell from last night. The fight is then called off when Yuuki is approached by Tomo, who reveals that she had been looking for him. Yuuki is confused as they have never met before, but Tomo explains that she knows his face based off descriptions from her guild and says she wanted to speak with him about something, but they explain that they are short on time and need to head to Elizabeth Park quickly. Tomo then offers him and the others a ride on her carriage, deciding to have their conversation en route to the farm which Yuuki and the others agree to.

Bandicam 2022-05-03 00-42-38-775

Yuuki and Kokkoro watch as Pecorine fights Tomo.

The group reach Elizabeth Park safely. Yuuki and the others part ways from Tomo and Matsuri, who still need to go on supply runs between the farm and the city, with Tomo telling Yuuki and Pecorine they need to meet again to exchange information. Before they leave, the trio learn that Christina has been thrown in jail and the castle being short-staffed. Yuuki is asked by Pecorine on what they should do next, with him saying that they should go find Saren and also the girls from Elizabeth Park to let them know they are safe. Just then, they come across Lima, who is glad to see the two are okay. He and Pecorine then reunite with the rest of Elizabeth Park, who are similarly glad to see them safe. The three learns that a mysterious mage named Neneka, a friend of Lima's, had helped them rebuild the barn, but disappeared earlier. Yuuki and the others find Saren, who is in an argument with Mifuyu of Mercurius Foundation. Saren notices Yuuki and asks where he's been as he apologizes for making her worry. The reunion is cut short when Yukari informs them that a group of monsters have appeared and they need help eliminating them. Yuuki is asked by Pecorine and Kokkoro on what they should do next, and all three agree to help out in getting rid of the monsters just as Akino Wisteria, the leader of Mercurius Foundation, joins them.

Chapter 7: Calamity Foretold[]

After clearing the nest of monsters at the farm, Yuuki and Kokkoro go to check the nearby Elf Village with Shiori to see if the elvenfolk are safe.

Bandicam 2022-05-03 00-48-03-086

Yuuki catches Hatsune from her fall.

Reaching the village, they are relieved to find that the village is unharmed. While in the forest, Kokkoro points at someone floating, with Yuuki and Shiori looking up to find Hatsune, Shiori's older sister. After Shiori tells her sister to wake up, Yuuki runs after Hatsune when she starts falling from the sky, catching her just in time. Yuuki is thanked by Hatsune for catching her from her sleep-floating and learns that most of the elves in the village went out to investigate the explosion from last night, leaving her and a few others to keep watch. Hearing this, Yuuki and the others return to the farm. They report back that everyone in the elf village is okay and he asks how everyone else is doing, with Pecorine saying that things are okay. Yuuki and the others share that according to Hatsune, a fortune-teller had predicted the blast to her and told the people of her village, but was unable to share it with members of Elizabeth Park. With this information, the group decide to seek this fortune-teller to help them in stopping the fake Eustiana from making her next move against them. Yuuki and the others return to the orphanage to rest for the day. The following morning, the trio head off to meet with this fortune-teller, who Yuuki identified as his friend Shinobu. While walking into town, Yuuki tells them that he asked a pair of guides who will take them to see Shinobu. He also tells Pecorine that during his conversation with the Mana, he learned that Karyl works for her, with Saren informing them that, according from what she learned in the palace, she is currently out on a mission by herself, with the trio hoping that she is okay. As they walk, they witness two demonfolk girls fighting a group of slime monsters in town. Yuuki recognizes them as the twins Yori and Akari, who notice him after the fight. Yuuki and the others learn that they are in the same guild as Shinobu and they are the guides he asked to take them to see her.

Taken to an old castle belonging to Diabolos, Yuuki and the others meet up with Shinobu, Miyako and their Guild Master, Illya. Yuuki helps defuse an argument between Miyako and Ilya, with his touch helping the latter regain her true form. He and the others finally discuss with Shinobu about her power, where they learn that Shinobu isn't truly capable of predicting the future, but instead can only tell simple fortunes to others, deeming true foresight as impossible. Shinobu offers him and the others two possibilities as to how Mana can be precise in her predictions; Either she is a higher being capable of miracles, or she has the power to alter the future any way she wants. Yuuki and the others also learn of a group named the Seven Crowns, seven superhuman entities, with Neneka being one of them. He learns from Shinobu that Neneka was the one who predicted the attack he and Pecorine were caught in, and that Diabolos have been doing business with her for some time now. In the midst of the conversation, he is informed by Illya that she had deciphered documents that showed the names of the Seven Crowns' members, among them being Mana, Christina and Raji. Yuuki notices Kokkoro being uneasy while checking the names and comforts her. He and the rest then decide to make way for Neneka's research laboratory to talk to her.

Bandicam 2022-05-03 00-51-09-238

Yuuki petting Ilya's head to help her regain her true form.

Yuuki is asked by Illya to pat her on the head to restore her back to her true form again, as only she can access the warp gate that leads to Neneka's lab. He complies and is able to give Illya the power she needs to access the warp gate, taking him and the rest to an underground ruin. Upon recovering from the fall, Yuuki and the others soon find themselves surrounded by odd-looking monsters, which they are told are artificially made by Neneka for research purposes. Yuuki then uses his power to assist everyone in the fight. After Pecorine makes a path through the horde, he and the others run for it. While searching the underground ruin, Yuuki and Pecorine reunite with Muimi, who tell them and the group that the underground lab's main reactor is about to explode, adding that Neneka had already been kidnapped. Yuuki and the group run for it as the underground ruin begin to collapse and come across Raji, who teleports everyone out of there in time. Outside, Yuuki and the rest meet Masaki, a man who works for Neneka, and learn from him that members of Nightmare had attacked the lab and captured Neneka. While discussing their next plan, Yuuki listens to Kokkoro's proposal of accepting Muimi's invitation to head for Labyrinth's hideout, which he does after deciding to go meet Labyrista again.

Chapter 8: Friends or Foes?[]

Upon reaching Labyrinth's hideout, Yuuki and the others are asked to rest up for now so they can talk more tomorrow by Muimi. The following morning, Yuuki feels something strange in his bed and jolts wide awake. To his and Kokkoro's confusion, Yuuki finds both Shizuru and Rino beside him, with the latter telling Shizuru to stop clinging to their brother. After the pair leave, Yuuki reassures Kokkoro that the two aren't bad people, his elven guide's worries being eased thanks to his words. Muimi then enters the room and informs them that breakfast is ready and that she wants Yuuki to see Labyrista on the way as well.

Bandicam 2022-05-02 21-07-21-342

Yuuki having breakfast with everyone at Labyrinth.

Yuuki and Kokkoro are escorted by Muimi to see Labyrista, who is unconscious in her bed. Sensing Kokkoro's uneasiness seeing Labyrista in this state, Yuuki pats her on the head, saying that she looked anxious. Afterwards, Yuuki joins the others for breakfast. Later on, he sits down with the others discuss how to storm the Royal Castle to save Neneka. During this, Muimi informs him and the others that the world they currently are in is fake, and that the "dreams" they have had is their real world. Yuuki learns from Muimi that in the past, they once fought side-by-side with his old guild to stop Mana's scehemes, who he learns is the Omniscient Kaiser of the Seven Crowns. He and the others are then alerted by Raji that an army of Royal Knights and a horde of monsters are waiting for them outside. He and the rest prepare and make their way outside, but first find themselves up against a swarm of monsters. Yuuki watches as Muimi easily takes care of them with her Spiresbane Blade. Reaching outside, he and the group are greeted by none other than Karyl and Octo, who are leading the army and monsters against them. When they refuse to surrender, a battle ensues between Yuuki's group and Karyl's army. Yuuki and Kokkoro watch as Pecorine makes her way towards Karyl to snap her senses back, with the two following suit. However, during the chaos, Yuuki notices from a distance the kids from Little Lyrical being attacked by monsters and rushes over to save them with Kokkoro and Masaki's help. Yuuki grabs Kyoka and defends Mimi and Misogi from incoming monsters, and is able to lead them to safety when Muimi carves open a path for them.

Unfortunately, the situation gets worse as Yuuki notices Karyl attack Pecorine with a high-level spell, knocking her out and turning the tide in their enemy's favor. Yuuki and the rest are all forced to retreat as Pecorine is captured.

Chapter 9: Crisis at the Concert[]

Yuuki and the group take shelter in a different hideout belonging to Labyrinth. While the others rest for the night, Yuuki is unable to fall asleep, being worried for Pecorine's safety after what happened earlier. The following morning, he and Kokkoro join the rest for breakfast. He and Kokkoro wonder if they can inform Saren and everyone in the orphanage of their situation, but Muimi dissuades them as it's a bad idea because they are, as of now, enemies of the state.

Sometime later, after their strategy meeting, Yuuki and Kokkoro decide to work on their own separate from the others at Labyrinth, going back into Landosol and hoping to find some way to fight the Royal Palace. Yuuki looks around while Kokkoro sends one of her messenger crows to inform Saren of what's going on. Kokkoro then asks on where they should stay for the time being, with Yuuki deciding between staying at a hotel or their guildhouse. However, he notices Kokkoro becoming distressed by their options and pats her on the head to ease her worries. After thinking of what to do, he and Kokkoro decide to move their investigation along whilst everyone else at Labyrinth work on the rest. Come nightfall, he and Kokkoro notice a crowd of people at the plaza nearby with music coming from there. Yuuki recognizes this as one of Carmina's songs, but before they can check it out, they are found by Matsuri and Tomo. While the two knights try to explain their intention, Yuuki and Kokkoro rush toward the crowd of people to lose them. At that moment, Carmina begin their concert, with Yuuki watching and cheering them on whilst Kokkoro experiences listening to their song for the first time. Not long after, a Chimera suddenly attacks the plaza. Watching Tomo and Matsuri hold the monster at bay, Yuuki tells Kokkoro that they are staying to help while the people run to safety. He powers up Nozomi, Tsumugi and Chika, who also assist in fighting the monster. During the fight, Kokkoro is attacked and knocked out, with Yuuki rush to her side. He helps power up Chika as she tends to Kokkoro's wound.

In the aftermath of the fight, Yuuki and the idols of Carmina take Kokkoro to a nearby hospital so she can recover. Yuuki becomes worried as Kokkoro still has not woken up, with Nozomi and Chika comforting him. Christina arrives as the idols leave for their tour. Yuuki gets an explanation from her where she reveals the reason why she took the role as Carmina's producer is to help set the stage for Labyrinth to strike during the upcoming Landosol Festival. Their plan is to either capture Kaiser, or destroy the brainwashing apparatus she is using inside the castle. Yuuki becomes curious about the latter and he is told by Christina that it's likely it is being used to control Karyl and the rest of Nightmare. After being briefed on vital information about their plan, he is invited by Christina to offer his assistance so he can rescue Pecorine. Yuuki is also told that the monster that attacked Kokkoro may have been under Karyl's control and sent out to specifically hunt him down, and thus advised not to venture out too close to the city walls for his own safety. He is told by Christina to share any information he is able to find in the meantime and that she or the rest of their allies will keep in touch with him whenever possible. Yuuki thanks her before she leaves as he continues to watch over Kokkoro.

Chapter 10: Saving Pecorine[]

Sometime later, Yuuki is told that Kokkoro's wounds have healed, but she still has not yet regained consciousness. He falls asleep while watching over her, but soon wakes up when he hears her finally awake. Overcome with relief, Yuuki wraps his arms around Kokkoro and embraces her while crying. In spite of Kokkoro's words of reassurance, Yuuki finds himself unable to let go and embraces her tighter, with the little elf reciprocating. Afterwards, Yuuki has it explained to him what Kokkoro experienced while she was unconscious, relaying everything she learned to him and revealing that the "other world" she went to and the ones he's been seeing in his "dreams" are their true reality and this one is a fake. Yuuki then shares his plan to rescue Pecorine from the castle dungeon, as well as Labyrinth's mission to her shortly after.

Weeks later, the day of the Landosol festival arrives, with Yuuki and Kokkoro reuniting with Shizuru, who is going incognito as a crepe seller. He and Kokkoro are told to wait for the signal to commence the attack and notice a spark of light elsewhere. Yuuki and Kokkoro learn that it is Muimi causing mayhem across the festival as a distraction to get Octo and the rest of Nightmare to go for her. As the forces of Nightmare converge, Yuuki and Kokkoro reunite with Raji who tells them that he's already sent Masaki and Daigo to their designated places and that it is their turn now. Yuuki thanks Shizuru for the encouragement before he and Kokkoro are teleported inside the castle to rescue Pecorine.

Chapter 11: The Ironclad Guardian[]

Yuuki and Kokkoro begin searching the castle for the entrance to the dungeon all while bypassing and knocking out any security still patrolling inside. Finding a stairway, he and Kokkoro head down only to find the entrance to the dungeon guarded by someone. Yuuki realizes that the person acting as the guard is Jun.

The two are spotted and try to reason with Jun, but fail. Yuuki tries to engage her in a fight with Kokkoro, but is immediately knocked out by the real one. Regaining consciousness, Yuuki realizes that the two are battling downstairs and go after them to help Kokkoro. Yuuki tries to take off her helmet and then powers up Kokkoro, Pecorine and Jun herself. His plan works, causing Jun to barrel straight into a wall at high speed, knocking her out. When Kokkoro voices her concern about the arrival of other guards, Yuuki reassures her that they will be fine as Octo told the others to leave and allowed him to escape. Grabbing the keys from Jun, he and Kokkoro are finally able to free Pecorine from her cell. Yuuki hugs Pecorine, relieved to see her again which surprises her. Noticing her shedding tears, he gently wipes them from her face. From this act, Yuuki is told by Pecorine that she's fallen in love with him and share a warm hug. Their tender moment is interrupted by Jun, who has regained consciousness, however, Yuuki and the others are able to escape when Jun sees him and wonders why she is in the dungeon. Noticing Pecorine is unable to walk properly, Yuuki promptly carries her.

He and the others make way to the castle vault to search for Pecorine's Royal Equipment. As they make way for the throne room, he and the others hear an explosion up ahead and rush over to check out what's happening. Arriving inside the throne room, he and the others find Masaki, Shizuru and Rino fighting Karyl.

Chapter 12: Beneath the Mask[]

Yuuki and the others learn that the brainwashing apparatus Kaiser is using is inside the throne room. He, Kokkoro and Pecorine also learn that Karyl is overexerting herself and using her own body to refuel her magic reserves and that if they don't stop her now, she will end up killing herself.

While the fight rages on, Yuuki suddenly finds himself losing consciousness and falls asleep. Yuuki finds himself awakening inside his dreamscape and is told by Ameth that, for the time being, she is trying to use his body to assist Pecorine and the others and instructs him to go find Karyl inside the realm. Back in the throne room, Kokkoro and the others are able to hold Karyl down and bring Yuuki's unconscious body next to her, causing the four of them to lose consciousness. Back inside the dreamscape, Yuuki reaches the park overlooking the city and spots Karyl standing over the edge. He is reunited with Pecorine and Kokkoro, who had just been brought there by Ameth, and the trio work together to convince Karyl to stop looking down on herself so much and that every single one of them don't hate her nor hold it against her for the things she was told to do by the Omniscient Kaiser and tell her to come back with them. Yuuki and the others are successful to bring Karyl back and awaken inside the throne room and find it rumbling. He and the others see the brainwashing apparatus which has the real Neneka locked inside, however, when Masaki tries to rescue her, they are both engulfed by an explosion.

Yuuki and the others soon find themselves face-to-face with the Omniscient Kaiser.

Chapter 13: The Battle of Landosol[]

Yuuki and the others are promptly rescued by Neneka who, with Masaki's help, transforms into a giant box to keep everyone safe from the explosion and throw themselves outside of the castle for their safety. He and the group reunite with Muimi and Christina, who had just witnessed the Omniscient Kaiser's return.

While carrying the still unconscious Karyl in his arms, Yuuki and the rest are brought up to speed on what happened on Daigo and Raji's side of the mission and what the brainwashing apparatus was doing to Neneka. Afterwards, Yuuki is worried as Karyl still hasn't woken up, but his worries are eased when Pecorine voices happiness that the Gourmet Guild is back together. Just then, he and the others hear screaming and explosions coming from the city itself and immediately go there. Raji teleports him and the rest to the sight and find the Omniscient Kaiser attacking the members of Diabolos. Upon Shinobu's request, Yuuki uses his power to boost them to help Miyako, who had her life force drained by Kaiser just a second ago. Yuuki then vows to defeat the Omniscient Kaiser to end her evil scheme, but he is taunted by her for being "the hero at the center of the story" through and through, adding that the friends he's made and who will surely come to help him will be nothing more than a meal for her. Yuuki and the rest soon find themselves surrounded by monsters under the Kaiser's control, but also the members of Caon and Twinkle Wish arrive to help them.

Yuuki and his allies prepare to fight the Omniscient Kaiser and her monster army. The monsters then attack, with Yuuki using his Princess Knight power to strengthen everyone and help them coordinate together.

Chapter 14: Kaiser's Downfall[]

While the battle continues, Yuuki momentarily lead away by Kokkoro to where Karyl and Nebia are. He learns that Labyrista had given Karyl a key that can help him in the battle, but the only way to do so is to finalize the process with a kiss from Karyl. Yuuki is given a peck on the forehead by her, causing a bright flash to emit from him.

He, Karyl and Kokkoro rejoin the others, while Nebia goes back to the Guildhouse. There, he sees Pecorine and the rest now dealing with a legion of Shadows that the Omniscient Kaiser has summoned along with more monsters. After protecting Pecorine, Yuuki and the others are able to retreat and regroup with Neneka's help. Finding momentary refuge, Yuuki and the rest find time decide to catch their breaths. He is able to come up with a plan on how to defeat Kaiser, rallying his guild and the others helping them behind him, but Pecorine suggests to Yuuki that he be the one to defeat Kaiser rather than her as her own feelings of hostility often get in the way when she faces the villain, which Yuuki reluctantly accepts. Lastly, he asks everyone to lend their strength to him which they all vow to do. Yuuki leads the girls back to the fight just as Kaiser begins to overwhelm the Seven Crowns. He and the combined group bear witness as Kaiser empowers herself more with a storm of magic energy flowing into her.

Chapter 15: Re:Connect[]

Yuuki and the rest continue their battle against the Omniscient Kaiser and they realize that she is using four golems as living batteries to continue empowering herself. Yuuki reaches out to his friends outside of Landosol for assistance in taking them down while he and the rest continue fighting off Kaiser. In the growing battle, Yuuki sacrifices himself to protect Pecorine from Kaiser's attack and seemingly dies right in front of her and the rest.

Yuuki awakens in Ameth's domain and is told by her that he just died, learning that it is a recurring event of him protecting Pecorine and dying. He and Ameth are then visited by Labyrista, who then gives the dying Yuuki a choice: To go back to that hopeless battle and protect his bonds in this loop, or closing his eyes and restarting. Not wanting to leave his friends behind, Yuuki chooses to return to the fight. Labyrista smiles and heals the large hole Kaiser tore through his body. He is told by Labyrista that for this one moment, he will be given back the full extent of his former self's Princess Knight power, but warns him that due to the differences between himself now and who he used to be, there is a chance that Yuuki will suffer the immense backlash of the conflicting identities, potentially resulting in his body being destroyed and being killed for real with no hope of him returning this time if he disappears. In spite of this, Yuuki accepts the risk and goes back to protect his friends. In Landosol, Yuuki's body begins to emit a bright glowing light as his fatal wound heals itself and rises back up.

Yuuki responds to Pecorine's vow to never give up by reminding her that they still have lots of delicious meals to discover and enjoy with their guild, using his unlocked full Princess Knight power to strengthen her and the rest of their allies. Yuuki and the rest soon begin turning the tide of the battle against the Omniscient Kaiser. Ultimately, Yuuki lands the decisive strike thanks to his allies' combined strength and finally defeats her once and for all, ending her reign. Some time after the battle, Yuuki gets together with Kokkoro and Karyl as Pecorine regains her rightful place as the Princess and the group watches as Landosol is being rebuilt after the battle. Yuuki gets pulled into a giant group hug by Pecorine, as they reaffirm their guild's goal of finding new tasty discoveries and share a laugh.

Arc 2[]

Chapter 1: The Girl Who Fell From the Sky[]

A month after the battle against the Omniscient Kaiser, Yuuki and the rest of the Gourmet Guild have gone on many other adventures in the interim, with him and Kokkoro moving out of the Sarendia Orphanage after the Gourmet Guild were given their own guildhouse to stay in. Upon returning to Landosol, Yuuki and Kokkoro take a delivery job while Pecorine needs to return to the castle to resume her royal duties. On their way back from said delivery job, Yuuki and Kokkoro save a mother and daughter from a group of monsters and escort them back safely to the city.

As Yuuki and Kokkoro decide to visit the orphanage a visit, he spots a twinkle in the sky. Realizing that it's someone falling, Yuuki jumps out of the carriage and races off to catch whoever it is. Yuuki jumps off a cliff edge to catch her, but as soon as me makes contact with this individual, he experiences a sharp painful feeling strike his brain. Yuuki falls to the ground, but is able to catch the person in time. He looks and sees that it is a Dragonfolk girl. Yuuki smiles seeing her safe, but very soon loses consciousness as Kokkoro arrives. Yuuki then finds himself in various 'dreams' (memories) of the Real World, with unseen voices speaking to him in each one, but he is unable to recognize any of them even as the last voice tells him that the world is 'falling apart'. Yuuki soon wakes up surrounded by Kokkoro, Nebia and his former Twinkle Wish guildmates. To everyone's shock, Yuuki grabs Nebia and attempts to eat her. Later on, Yuuki's mannerisms and way of speaking, along with the Dragonfolk girl he saved, are now reverted to that of a baby much to everyone present's shock. While napping, Ameth contacts Yuuki through his dream again and tries to explain to the now mentally regressed Yuuki that his situation is the backlash Labyrista told him about is due to the friction between his past and current self's personalities and memories, but before Ameth can say anything else, Yuuki's connection with her gets weaker and unstable, and he loses contact altogether. Even later, Yuuki is taken out for a walk with the Dragonfolk girl, now named Sheffy, by Kokkoro and the others. They reunite with Pecorine during Landosol's celebration after the reconstruction and meet Creditta.

During the brief gathering, Yuuki is able to power up Karyl and the others as monsters suddenly start attacking led by a mysterious little boy. In the ensuing chaos, Yuuki, in his infantile state, swallows a crystal ball that Pecorine left behind, with Yui's magic and touch causing it to release a blinding white light from her body. Despite this, Yuuki falls asleep as the mysterious boy escapes. The infant-minded Yuuki and his friends are then thrown in jail due to being suspected as culprits of the mayhem, with him and the group being locked there up until evening. That night, Yuuki finds himself in another set of cascading dreams trying to find Ameth. Instead, he soon finds himself in the Princess Arena and is met by a white-haired, human-sized fairy who smiles at Yuuki and congratulates him for finally reaching a 'new possibility' in his adventure and cryptically asks if he and 'the chosen ones' will be able to overcome what is to arrive just as Yuuki wakes up the next morning, still in jaill with the others. To everyone's surprise and relief, Yuuki is able to speak a bit better than before. Just as he is about to relay what he saw in his dream to the others, Yuuki and the others are visited by a man named Gorschin with a handful of guards in tow. When he finds out that they are here for Sheffy, Yuuki gets in their way to protect her and the others as they threaten to shoot him. Suddenly, monsters burst into the dungeon led by the mysterious little boy from yesterday. When Gorschin and the others are taken down, Yuuki attempts in vain to hold him and his monsters off without any weapons, but is attacked instead as they bear down on the others until Pecorine arrives to help. To his own surprise, Yuuki finds himself in Pecorine's embrace, who says that Neneka told her to do it for some kind of 'preparation', however, upon seeing Yui trying to sacrifice herself to protect him and the others, Yuuki sees a vision of Sol Tower and hears the voice of someone telling him to say 'a new key'.

This phrase causes Yuuki's Princess Knight power to affect Pecorine and Yui and he sees the two transform into a new form to defeat the monsters and causing the little boy to retreat once more. Yuuki then suddenly finds himself regressing back to the mannerisms of an infant again as soon as Pecorine and Yui return to normal, much to everyone's distress.

Chapter 2: Legion of Terror[]


Arc 3[]

Chapter 1: Reverse World[]


Skills and Equipment[]

Princess Knight's Sword[]

Yuuki uses a long, teal-colored sword. When he first logged into Astrum, it was the very weapon he started with. According to Fio, it was unusually strong and had an unknown property she did not recognize and wondered how Yuuki even got it despite being a newbie. Yuuki later learns that the sword allows him to help boost the power of his allies. Labyrista informed him that the sword is merely a decoration and that it's true purpose is to help him channel his power.

The sword is Yuuki's signature weapon, being the one he uses the most in combat. Though it is a one-handed sword, similar to Rei's, Yuuki often uses it with both hands when fighting. The strength of the sword seems dependent on Yuuki's status and handling of it, but it is also extremely durable as it has been shown time and time again to withstand direct hits from multiple stronger attacks and nary leave a scratch on it. In Princess Connect!, Yuuki learns that the sword can significantly hurt other Players a lot, transmitting the pain that they feel from their avatar to their bodies in real-life. Yuuki only tries to use this aspect of the sword's unusual feature when he and his guild are up against members of the Seven Crowns. It is unknown if he could potentially kill someone with it prior to the final battle in Sol Tower. It is also unknown if the Princess Knight Sword still maintains its ability to transmit pain from a user's avatar to their bodies in reality when they are hit by it, or if it now functions as a regular sword in Re:Dive.

Princess Knight[]

A powerful and rare class bestowed upon him by Labyrista before his amnesia. As a Princess Knight, Yuuki has the power to strengthen his allies and allow them to temporarily surpass their limits to unleash a more powerful versions of their skills called "Union Bursts". Whenever Yuuki uses this power, he and those around him start to emit a golden glow that surrounds them, increasing their overall power, albeit momentarily.

Yuuki can activate this power of by wielding his sword and then focusing on who to power up. The amount of people he can power up seems to only be a few at a time. Despite having this ability affect others, it doesn't affect Yuuki at all, keeping him in the same state he normally is. In Princess Connect!, the ability seemed to not deplete any of his status bars, meaning that it didn't rely on either his health or magic reserve to be used, allowing Yuuki to use it whenever he wanted to. While this is said, Yuuki must be in a state of complete focus and uninterrupted, or else the surge of power he is giving to those around him will be cut off, necessitating him to be guarded by his allies from danger when in a fight. It's later revealed that Yuuki can activate this power even without holding his sword, as he can also power up others by making physical contact with them or simply focusing on his target.

During Magical Girls, a creature known as Mora grants Yuuki the ability to transform both Shiori and Kasumi, and later Monika and Tomo, into Magical Girls, connecting this ability to his Princess Knight power. It's shown that Yuuki is able to make them transform whenever he pleases.

After receiving an upgrade from Labyrista, Yuuki's Princess Knight ability becomes even stronger, being able to share his power to not just his guildmates in the Gourmet Guild, but also Twinkle Wish, Caon, NIGHTMARE and Labyrinth during their battle against the Omniscient Kaiser, giving them the edge to finally defeat him. Later on, he is able to unlock a form that is called Princess Forms for both Pecorine and Yui using his power, allowing the two to defeat Kariza of Rage Legion.


Yuuki is an alternate transcription of Yūki.

  • The name Yuuki is written in katakana (ユウキ), which has no special meaning. However, when written in kanji (優希, 悠希, 優輝, 悠生 or 勇気), it could possibly mean:
    • 優希 - "excellence, superiority, gentleness" (優) (yuu) and "hope" (希) (ki).
    • 悠希 - "permanence" (悠) (yuu) and "hope" (希) (ki).
    • 優輝 - "excellence, superiority, gentleness" (優) (yuu) and "brightness, radiance, shine, sparkle, gleam, twinkle" (輝) (ki).
    • 悠生 - "permanence" (悠) (yuu) and "life, living" (生) (ki).
    • 勇気 - "courageous".
  • In Chinese, his name is translated as "佑树(yòu shù)" - "bless, protect, parenting"(佑) (yuu) and "tree" (树) (ki).


  • As mentioned in his appearance, Yuuki initially had no descriptive appearance in the first game except that he was male and was a Second-Year high school student. It isn't until Re:Dive officially gave him a proper design.
  • Yuuki is a massive fan of magical girls, as one of his wishes was to become one despite being a boy.


  • Mm!!
  • I will surpass myself! With the power of my bonds with everyone!

Other Languages[]

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