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"I've gotta improve my archery... I can't look uncool in front of big brother!"

Rino Inosaki (衣之咲 璃乃 Inosaki Rino) is a character in Princess Connect! and Princess Connect! Re:Dive. An archer who claims to be Yuuki's little sister and looks out for him, she is a member of Labyrinth.






In Princess Connect!


In Re:Dive

Arc 1:

Chapter 1: A Mysterious Girl

Rino and Shizuru receive a mission from their master to find a girl named Muimi Sonoue. She and Shizuru learn that Muimi had stowed away on a carriage that is leaving Landosol as she is being hunted down by members of NIGHTMARE, and so track her down.

Rino preparing to open fire.

Hearing an explosion, Rino and Shizuru find the carriage Muimi was in has been destroyed, but see that she and its passengers had made it out in time. Seeing she is surrounded by Octo and members of the beastfolk Menagerie, Rino shoots an arrow at one of them, catching their attention. She is told by Shizuru to fire more arrows due to beastfolks having keen senses, with Rino following her big sister's advise and raining arrows on Okto and his allies. Delighted that she did it right, she excitedly introduces themselves, blurting out their guild name and mission to everyone, making Shizuru headbutt her so she doesn't say anything else, with Rino apologizing profusely. To her surprise, Rino spots her big brother, Yuuki, as one of the people who Muimi was with, informing Shizuru of his presence and elating her, with the two calling out to him. However, she is told by Shizuru that they must focus on their mission, with Rino giving firing support while Shizuru charges forward. Soon enough, she and Shizuru are able to secure Muimi, knocking her out and escaping with her in tow. After contacting their master to create a diversion for their getaway, Rino and Shizuru make their escape and leaving the others behind to scramble.

Chapter 5: The Seven Crowns

It's revealed by Labyrista that Mana Senri had sent a group of Royal Knights to ransack one of Labyrinth's hideout that Rino and Shizuru were in, but they were able to escape way before they could be found.

Chapter 8: Friends or Foes?

Rino spots Shizuru going to Yuuki's room after learning that their brother had been taken in inside their hideout by Muimi. She colds Shizuru for waking up Yuuki, telling her to stop clinging to him, adding that she also had been dying to talk to Yuuki for a long time, but held herself back, asking Shizuru to do the same thing. She is able to get Shizuru to let go and goes with her to have breakfast with the others.

Rino notices Shizuru blocking Kokkoro from feeding Yuuki.

During breakfast, Rino helps serve food to the others, offering Pecorine to sit down in her place since she and the others are their guests. When Shizuru tells her that Yuuki is pampering Kokkoro and hearing Pecorine's comment of the two being like family, she adds to Shizuru's statement that only she and her big sister are the family their brother needs even if they are not related by blood. Despite saying this, when she notices Shizuru childishly blocking Kokkoro's attempts to feed Yuuki, Rino scolds her for teasing the little elf. After breakfast, she and Shizuru clean the wishes while Muimi explains to the others the truth about the world they are in.


  • "Does 'practice makes parting' mean that I shouldn't ask big brother to tutor me?"
  • "Hee hee, if things go on like this... Then the day when I'll be aiming for big brother's heart is pretty close, isn't it?"
  • "Anyone who wants to hurt my big brother -- with this bow, I'll shoot them all down!"
  • "I'm gonna mess you up! Arrow Rain!"


  • The name Rino means "glassy, lapis lazuli" (璃) (ri) and "from" (乃) (no).
  • Rino's surname Inosaki means "clothing, garment" (衣) (i), "this" (之) (no) and "blossom" (咲) (saki).




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