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Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) are Characters in Princess Connect! Re:Dive which cannot be controlled by players. The most common occurrence of NPCs is during Main Stories, Character Stories, Guild Stories, and Events which are presented in visual novel style.

Notable NPCs[]

Total Count of Notable Non-Playable Characters: 13

Icon Name Guild Affiliation
Character Azold Icon Azold Rage Legion ???
Character Daigo Icon Daigo ??? Rajraj
Character Gorschin Icon Gorschin Golden Hand Council of Nobles
Character Kariza Icon Kariza Rage Legion
Character Masaki Icon Masaki ??? Kaleidoscope (Former)
Character Minerva Icon Minerva ??? WISDOM
Character Nebbia Icon Nebbia ??? Gourmet Guild
Character Octo Icon Octo NIGHTMARE Eternal Society (Former)

Kaleidoscope (Former)
Round Table (Former)
WISDOM (Former)
Tsubakigaoka Metropolitan High School

File:Character Precia Icon.png Precia [[Alter Maiden]] Eating food
Character Rajraj Icon Rajraj ??? Eternal Society (Former)

Seven Crowns

Character Riri Icon Riri Alter Maiden Republic Institute
Character Yuuki Icon Yuuki Gourmet Guild Twinkle Wish (Former)

Tsubakigaoka Metropolitan High School

Character Zane Icon Zane Rage Legion ???

Generic NPCs[]