Princess Connect Re:Dive Wiki

In Princess Connect one of the main features of the game are the 'Missions'. To access your Missions there is an icon on the home screen labelled as 'ミッション'.
There are three types of missions:
Daily, Normal and Title

The Daily Missions reset daily and are a rich source of EXP and other random goodies for the player. These Daily Missions generally don't change from day to day, adjusting only slightly for any events going on at the current time. For example, during the Luna Tower event period the player will receive a Daily Mission where they must participate at least once in the Luna Tower event. The same is true for Clan Battles.

The Normal Missions are ones relating to general gameplay. This includes (but is not limited to) Quest Completion, Arena Battles, Character Collecting and even Character Upgrading. These missions are a rich source of Jewels as most of these missions reward Jewels upon completion - sometimes up to 100 Jewels for one mission.

The Title Missions are one-time missions that involve achieving certain goal, like reaching a certain Player Level, having a certain character fully uncapped (5★) or winning in Arena a certain number of times. These Missions will reward you with Titles that you can show to everyone on your profile page and will sometimes reward you with Jewels as well.

In addition to the Daily and Normal Missions, there are also Event Missions for Story Events (held at the beginning of every month). These missions are sorted similarly - Daily and Normal. Unlike the Main Missions, these events generally reward Memory Pieces (of characters in that Story Event) and Medals - though there are Jewel rewards for completing Quests.

List of Missions