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"Papa, Mama, my friends, the animals, the flowers, and you too, Yuuki! All of you are important to me!"

Mimi Akane (茜ミミ Akane Mimi) is a Character in Princess Connect Re:Dive. She is the Guild Master of the guild 'Little Lyrical'.



Mimi is a beast-race member in Astrum with long, light pink hair and brown eyes. Her hair is tied into twin braids that are tied at the ends with bunny-themed hair ties. She has a white bunny hat and a headband with a single white flower on it. She has white, fluffy earmuffs.

Her outfit consists of a pink shirt and blue shorts. She wears a pink cape with white fluffy trimming that is tied together with a yellow ribbon. She also wears red mittens and an oversized belt that hangs over her hips.

Her weapon is a sword styled to look like a carrot with yellow hearts on it.


In her Halloween outfit, her bunny hat has been slightly adjusted; it now has a Frankenstein-esque patchwork and is covered in bandage wrappings. She also has a white ribbon wrapped around her forehead and tied into a giant bow. The bunny-themed hair ties at the ends of her braids are black. She has white, fluffy earmuffs.

Her outfit is a pink and light blue shirt with a slightly darker pink skirt. She has the same pink cape but it's tied with a red ribbon instead. She has a variety of candy stuck to her skirt. White bandages cover her hands completely and a large, white, cartoon rabbit skull is attached to her skirt.

Real Life[]

In real life, Mimi has significantly shorter pink hair tied into two thin braids and her eyes are pale pink-purple.

In one outfit she is wearing a mint-green themed outfit including a long-sleeved dress with a matching headband.

In another outfit she is wearing a light-blue polka-dotted dress with a light orange cape with white fluffy trimming and matching mittens.


An elementary school student with a fluffy disposition. Mimi gets lost easily and often gets separated from her friends. She is like a younger sister who just wants to take care of herself. She often gets distracted by cute things and likes to sing songs that she makes up.



Before Re:Dive[]

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Main Story: Arc 1[]

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Little Lyrical Story[]

Mimi is out running an errand for her mother, heading to a caravan that's just on the outskirts of town. However, on her journey she ends up getting lost to her dismay. Thankfully, an elf girl named 'Kyouka' comes to her rescue and offers to help guide her back home.

Thanks to a prank played by a mysterious person (first assumed to be the Demon King by Kyouka), the two proceed to get lost in a nearby forest. There they encounter Misogi for the first time and the three end up forming the unofficial guild 'Little Lyrical'.

Initial Card[]

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Halloween Card[]

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Little Lyrical Adventures[]

Mimi is playing with Kyouka when Misogi suddenly runs over, begging for Kyouka to help her study for the next test. Despite Mimi cheering them on from the sidelines, Misogi and Kyouka end up having an argument with the two of them calling off their friendship. Mimi begs Yuuki to please mend the friendship between the two of them.

The next day, Mimi is supposed to join Kyouka and Misogi on an exploration; however, is unable to attend due to being sick. After being found by Misogi and Kyouka, Mimi decides to stay home instead, being happy with just seeing the two of them getting along again.

After Misogi, Kyouka and Yuuki manage to defeat the monster and gather the herbs to help Mimi recover, Mimi decides to study with Kyouka too. After Kyouka and Misogi end up arguing over one of Misogi's pranks, Mimi ends up helping Yuuki study instead.

Little Brave Halloween Night[]

While visiting a haunted mansion at Misogi's suggestion, Mimi and the other girls of Little Lyrical get trapped in the mansion. A monster comes and kidnaps Mimi, separating her from the rest. While kidnapped, Mimi encounters a young girl named 'Hana'. The two immediately become friends and Mimi takes on the role as 'Big Sister'. When Hana is kidnapped by her father's ghost, Mimi is the first to chase after to go and save her.

Upon fighting the boss, Mimi is the one who deals the finishing blow. When they're all free from the mansion and at the party, Mimi falls asleep after the tiring day she had.

Real Life[]

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  • "This is my secret flower meadow! But I'm telling you about it specially. Because I really love you!"
  • "Me and Little Griffon both love you, Yuuki! I'm so happy when we're all together."
  • "Ah, Little Griffon is so fast! Yuuki, hurry, hurry!"
  • "I want to make a flower wreath. Once it's done, I'll put it on you, Yuuki!"


  • Mimi's surname Akane means "deep red, dye from the rubia plant" (茜).



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