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Landosol is a major city located on the Continent of Astraea in Princess Connect! Re:Dive.

Castle of Landosol[]

  • The castle where the royal family lives resides in Landosol
  • Portions of the castle double as the Guildhouse for Nightmare.

Guild Association[]

  • The Guild Association headquarters is in Landosol and all Guilds are required to register there.
  • Most guilds have their Guildhouse somewhere in the City of Landosol.


  • The architecture for Landosol appears to be based on traditional German Gothic architecture from the Medieval and Renaissance periods.[1]
  • Most City of Landosol residential and business structures use timber-framing similar to what can still be seen in half-timbered housing in Goslar, Quedlinburg, and Dornstetten, Germany.[2]