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"I've been looking forward to assisting you since I was a child, Master."

Kokoro Natsume (棗 こころ Natsume Kokoro) is a character in Princess Connect! Re:Dive. She is a member of the Gourmet Guild, one of the Seven Crowns after her father bestowed the title to her.


One day while praying, Kokkoro receives a message from Ameth instructing her to make way to Landosol to meet someone, tasking her to serve this person as their guide in her stead. After this, Kokkoro leaves her elven village to meet her assigned master.

Kokkoro meets Yuuki for the first time.

On her way to Landosol, she spots someone falling gently from the sky unto a hill ahead and Kokkoro walks towards them, believing this person is who Ameth told her about. Reaching the top of the hill, she finds this person as a young man who is unconscious. Walking to his side, he wakes up and sees Kokkoro. She asks if he is alright and for his name. When the boy says that his name is Yuuki, Kokkoro introduces herself to him and says that she was instructed by Ameth to serve as his guide in the world and to serve him as her master, referring to him as her Lord. She also tells him that she is aware that he has amnesia through Ameth's message to her. On their way to Landosol, they come across a girl asking for food. The girl immediately helps herself to all of their rice balls, to Kokkoro's dismay. Kokkoro asks who she is, but before she can answer, another girl comes across them being chased by monsters. As the other girl comes to her rescue, Kokkoro proposes that they help, deciding to use this opportunity to teach Yuuki how to fight. After successfully fending off the monsters, Kokkoro and Yuuki refer to the hungry girl as "Pecorine" while the other introduces herself as Yui. In the middle of introductions, they spot another girl passed out as more monsters appear. Kokkoro and Yuuki decide to work together with Pecorine and Yui to get out of the situation with the unconscious girl. After escaping, she and Yuuki part ways with Pecorine and Yui, with the former two taking the unconscious girl to a clinic. When she awakes, she introduces herself as Karyl before suddenly leaving. At night, Kokkoro and Yuuki decide to lodge in an inn to spend the night in. The following day, Kokkoro shows Yuuki around Landosol and teaches him some basic knowledge such as money and it's uses. She later asks his permission to find a job so they can financially support themselves and lends him some allowance to spend on himself while she works, but Yuuki gives it back to her, wanting to work as well and not be a burden to her.

Arc 1:

Chapter 1: A Mysterious Girl

Kokkoro and Yuuki looking for a job at the town notice board.

A month since settling in Landosol, Kokkoro sadly informs Yuuki that their funds are running low that soon they will not be able to continue living at the inn or buy food for themselves. With no other choice, she and Yuuki decide to accept more dangerous work to keep themselves financially stable and continue living in Landosol. They reach the town notice board, with Kokkoro trying to look for one that isn't too dangerous for them, however, she hears a crash and turns around to find a young girl having landed on top of Yuuki. Helping her up, she introduces herself as Suzume, a maid working for a place called the Sarendia Orphanage. Kokkoro is surprised to learn that Yuuki knows and is friends with her, and so introduces herself to her. When she looks at the job poster Suzume was posting, Kokkoro is surprised to know that the job is simple transportation of luggage, with the reward being vacancy at the orphanage. Unsure, Kokkoro asks Yuuki on what to do and he accepts the job.

After loading up everything needed on the carriage, Kokkoro, Yuuki and Suzume decide to have lunch while on the road. While eating, Kokkoro clears up to Suzume that she and Yuuki are not related, but instead serves him as a guide. Just then, Kokkoro notices the sandwich she was holding vanish and soon the rest from the basket. After a short confusion, they notice a girl swiping them from inside a box she is hiding in. The girl comes out and notices both Suzume and Yuuki, speaking as if she is familiar to them and asks if they remember her, pushing and ignoring Kokkoro. However, the carriage suffers in a sudden explosion, with Kokkoro, Yuuki and Suzume able to get out in time, but the mysterious girl taking most of the damage. The group find themselves surrounded by shadowy figures that Suzume identifies as beastfolk, with the person behind the attack, Okto, demanding they surrender the girl who he identifies as Muimi. With a confrontation brewing, Kokkoro asks Yuuki on what to do and he decides they can't leave Muimi behind after she risked her life to save them. Just then, Kokkoro notices that Yuuki is talking to one of the beastfolk, a girl named Makoto. She asks her lord if he knows her and surprised to know he is friends with her and is even more surprised when he reveals that he's befriended at least forty girls in a single month, causing her to react unamused.

Chapter 2: Regina Geas

Chapter 3: Lurking Shadows

Chapter 4: Pastures in Peril

Chapter 5: The Seven Crowns

Chapter 6: Forgotten Princess

Chapter 7: Calamity Foretold

Chapter 8: Friends or Foes?


She is a little girl but is actually very mature for her age. Kokoro has pale white hair and eyebrows, pointy elf ears and pink coloured eyes. She sports a short bobcut with a large bang in the middle of her forehead and two smaller hair strands at the side of her face. Kokoro wears a short dress that reveals a bit of her legs and a medium sized robe that only covers her left shoulder. She also wears a golden ring on her left finger and also carries a staff.


She is shy at first but overtime shows a kind and caring personality to others. She is also outgoing and well mannered. Kokoro is very cheerful and lights up the mood almost instantly.


  • "If anything should happen, please call on me. I will devote my all towards fulfilling your request."
  • "Ever since I was young, the spirits spoke to me of the day when I would meet you. Please, order me as you will."
  • "The spirits also seem pleased when you are watching, Master."
  • "I, together with nature, will be your strength."


  • Kokoro's surname Natsume means "jujube" (棗).
    • Ziziphus jujuba, commonly called jujube, red date, Chinese date, is a species of Ziziphus in the buckthorn family.


  • Kokkoro uses the honorific "-sama" with everyone.
  • Kokkoro is called with the nickname "Korosuke (In the Japan Server)/ Koro (In the subbed anime and Global Server)" by Kyaru, even though she doesn't really like that name and begs Kyaru to stop calling her by it.
  • Kokkoro's Full name is inspired by the Novel "Kokoro" by "Natsume Soseki"


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