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Mana Senri (千里 真那 Senri Mana) is the main antagonist of Princess Connect! and Arc 1 of Princess Connect! Re:Dive. A woman that dreams of having the world bend to her will, she is the one responsible for Yuuki's amnesia and stealing Pecorine's true identity.

She is also one of the Seven Crowns, known as "Omniscient Kaiser".






Mana was recruited to be part of a group known as WISDOM who would study the psychic powers of a little girl named Muimi Sonoue. He and his colleagues would keep the girl as a test subject for years, while at the same time they created an artificial intelligence they named Minerva to become the head administrator of Legends of Astrum, a VRMMORPG Mana and his colleagues created as a means to receive funding for their research.

Mana had intended for Minerva, an extraordinary AI who could grant wishes, to help fulfill his deepest desire of ruling over others. However, his plan was cut short when Minerva was released into Astrum by her co-worker, Akira Mosakuji, who defected from WISDOM after learning their intentions. Mana and his partners in WISDOM learn that Minerva had set up a race for players in Legends of Astrum to find her and those who do will have their wishes granted. In response, he and his colleagues decide to enter Legends of Astrum as a collective group known as the Seven Crowns to seize her for themselves, purposefully giving themselves an advantage over others and recruiting others, such as Muimi and Octo Eito, as underlings. When Mana learned that her fellow Seven Crowns members, excluding Christina Morgan, had chosen their Princess Knights, Mana sought his relative, Kiruya Momochi, to be his Princess Knight. Despite working with his colleagues, Mana had his own plans for Minerva, intending to double-cross his fellow Seven Crowns members once they find their rogue AI.

In Princess Connect![]

Mana learns from her fellow Seven Crowns members that a guild known as Twinkle Wish has constantly being setting them back in the race for Minerva. He initially shrugs them off until Mana's own plans are repeatedly foiled by the group, eventually coming to despise them, especially Akira's Princess Knight, Yuuki.

Twinkle Wish VS Kaiser Insight

Mana faces Twinkle Wish one last time before the world is remade.

Sometime later, he and the Seven Crowns eventually find enough Sol Orbs and make it to Sol Tower. However, Twinkle Wish make it as well and the two groups eventually fight. In the ensuing battle, Mana makes his way to the top and finds Minerva. Knowing she won't cooperate and will continue to defy them, he forcefully merges himself with the powerful AI just as Twinkle Wish arrive. Mana declares that his wish will be granted no matter what, intending to rewrite the world as he pleases, but not before completely annihilating Twinkle Wish for good, kickstarting their final battle. Despite his enemies' best and going all-out against him, Mana proves that his plan to merge with Minerva is successful, and he overpowers the group, telling them to give up. Mana, however, receives a response from Yuuki who states that they won't stop until they save Minerva from him, who leads a last strike against him with his guild. Unamused, Mana taunts Yuuki, stating that this is where his story ends, deleting his Navigation Fairy, Fio, and then killing both Rei and Hiyori Harusaki. Knowing that his victory is absolute, Mana readies one last attack against both him and Yui Kusano, eradicating both and defeating Twinkle Wish.

In Re:Dive[]

After the world was remade, Mana immediately sought the royal throne of Landosol and made his way to the palace. Learning that the real princess, Eustiana von Astraea, was out on a journey, Mana quickly overpowered everyone in the castle and used Astrum's system to brainwash those in Landosol into believing she is Eustiana von Astraea and wiping their memories of the real Eustiana. With this, he completely takes control of the throne and begins ruling over Landosol.

Bandicam 2022-05-24 01-40-39-905

Mana successfully takes control of the throne and becomes 'Eustiana von Astraea'.

Upon hearing that the real Eustiana von Astraea is returning from her journey, Mana has her forbidden from entering the castle. When Eustiana forces her way to the throne room and finds that nobody, not even her parents, recognizes her, Mana appears before her, claiming to be the true Princess and brands the real Eustiana a wanted criminal. Not long after, Mana gives Karyl the mission of assassinating Eustiana to truly get rid of her while he plans something else. A week later, Mana learns that Yuuki had survived their last battle prior to the world being remade, so he tasks Karyl to monitor him from afar and report whatever she learns about him. He learns from her that Yuuki is currently suffering amnesia and his mental state is not well. Despite this, he tells Karyl to continue monitoring him, with Mana wanting to be sure his old nemesis won't prove to be a threat to him like before.

Arc 1[]

Chapter 2: Regina Geas[]

Upon hearing that Christina has returned to Landosol, Mana orders Karyl to bring her to the throne room, wanting to speak with the Vice Captain in private.

Chapter 4: Pastures in Peril[]

Months later, Mana orders Christina to take part in a mission led by NIGHTMARE so she may covertly locate the hideout of the guild Labyrinth. While in the throne room, Mana observes Karyl's progress in attempting to assassinate the real Eustiana, who has now gone by the nickname of Pecorine.

Chapter 5: The Seven Crowns[]

Upon seeing Karyl run into Yuuki in the woods near Elizabeth Park's farm, Mana teleports both of them to her in the castle throne room. When Karyl asks him how she and Yuuki ended up in the throne room, Mana explains that he used a special warp gate to teleport them directly to him, surprising Karyl. Karyl then asks him if he needed Yuuki, saying that based off her observations that there was nothing about him that could've piqued Her Majesty's interest, but Mana replies if what Karyl means is that he should just leave him alone just for that, seeing through his Princess Knight's words that she's become attached to his enemy.

Bandicam 2022-05-24 02-56-34-882

Mana 'disciplining' Karyl by giving her the entirety of her Princess Knight power.

Mana gently chastises Karyl for joining the Gourmet Guild to have friends or find love, telling her that she would not need such things if she were to become a God like him. When Karyl addresses him as "Her Majesty" again, Mana becomes irritated and fires a magic spell at her, causing her to cry out in pain. Mana tells Karyl not to think of this as punishment and, despite all of her failures, she has not done anything wrong, instead he blames himself for treating her too much like a human being instead of a tool like she is to him. Mana states that he was hoping Karyl would gain enough experience for her Princess Knight power to gradually build up, but he has grown tired of waiting, announcing that he will instead pour the entirety of her power inside her, not caring if it will irreparably strain her entire body, saying that if she dies, he can simply create a replacement for her like he always planned. To his surprise, Yuuki regains consciousness and puts himself between him and Karyl, causing him to stop. Seeing Yuuki stretch his hands to protect Karyl, with Mana musing that, with or without his memories, there are things about his nemesis that will never change. He notices Yuuki angrily glaring at him, with Mana stating that he was simply "disciplining his pet". He tells Yuuki not to make any rash decisions, threatening to hurt Karyl should he bore him. Mana begins asking Yuuki multiple questions, first by asking if he feels as though the world is artificial. He continues by asking Yuuki more questions about their world. Getting nothing by confused responses, Mana then asks Yuuki how much does he remember and how much he has forgotten, revealing to him that Karyl was a spy he sent to get close to him and find out, not wanting to do it himself in case he stimulated his memories to come flooding back. When Yuuki asks him if they've met before, Mana laughs at this question, saying that this is perhaps the best outcome he could hope for. Lastly, he asks Yuuki if he knows anything about "Legends of Astrum", if he recognizes the name "Minerva", if he thinks "Princess Knight" is just a guild name, if he knows the name of all "Seven Crowns" and if he remembers a fairy named "Fio".

Bandicam 2022-05-03 00-38-56-411

Mana reveals her intention to kill the whole group.

When he hears that Yuuki only has vague recollections of those, Mana begins laughing at him, finally knowing in full confidence that his old nemesis has forgotten everything about their shared past. Mana rejoices, stating that she has suffered for far too long for having underestimated him, but will no longer make that same mistake as he intends to get rid of him for good. Mana casts a teleportation spell beneath Yuuki, sending him far away from the castle. A moment later, Mana appears in a far away mountain range, flying above Yuuki, Pecorine, Christina, Muimi and Rajikumar Rajinikanth, transforming into a different form. He is surprised to find the real Eustiana among those she lured to this location, but nevertheless goes along with this chance to also kill the real Princess himself. Mana states to the group that he had set this up to kill them all, including Christina, who demands to know why she is betraying her. Mana answers that she intends to rule this world as its one and only God, saying that all of them are in the way of her goal. At that moment, Mana sees that Labyrista has appeared. The latter demands to know why the latter sent a platoon of royal knights to destroy her hideout, but Mana calls her a fool for coming instead of escaping with Shizuru and Rino. Unable to wait any longer, Mana prepares a battalion-level attack spell and unleashes it on the group, razing the area surrounding mountains and resulting in an earth-shattering explosion.

Chapter 6: Forgotten Princess[]



  • All of you, nay, the world... Everything must kneel to me!


  • The name Mana means "real, genuine" (真) (ma) and "what?" (那) (na).
    • This is ironic towards her character in both games, as Mana's avatar is a female beastman despite being male in real life and her usurping the Astraea throne from the real Eustiana von Astraea.
  • Mana's surname Senri means "thousand miles, long distance" (千里).


  • Mana's avatar in Astrum seems to be modeled after Amaterasu-no-Okami, the Goddess of the Sun in Japanese mythology, who has been depicted as both a human woman and a white wolf.