Princess Connect Re:Dive Wiki
Main Screen

The Home Screen is the first thing you'll see after you log in and enter the game. The various parts of the UI are explained below.

1. Player Level

This is your current level. Your characters' levels can't exceed your Player Level. When your Player Level goes up, you'll recover an amount of Stamina equal to your new level's Stamina cap. (Ex. If your current Stamina is 30 when you level up and your new level's Stamina cap is 35, you will end up having 65/35 Stamina.)

2. EXP

This is how much EXP you currently have. When your EXP reaches the max limit, your Player Level increases by 1. If you have reached the level cap and your EXP reaches its max limit, all of the Player EXP you've received will be converted into Master Coins.

3. Stamina

This is your current Stamina(left number) and the maximum amount of Stamina you can have before natural recovery stops(right number). 1 Stamina will be recovered every 6 minutes as long as you have less Stamina than your maximum.

You can use Jewels to instantly refill 120 Stamina. This can be done up to 40 times daily; the cost will increase after certain numbers of refills but will go back to the base cost of 40 Jewels the next day. Your Stamina will NOT exceed 999 even if you refill it using Jewels.

※Note that you can tap the Exp/Stamina bar to see how much Player Exp you have/Player Exp required to Level Up and Countdown before 1 Stamina is recovered.

4. Mana

This is how much Mana you currently have. Mana is the main currency of the game. It's used mainly for upgrading your characters and purchasing items in the Shop.

5. Jewels

This is how many Jewels you currently have. Jewels are the premium currency of the game. Jewels are used to roll the Gacha, refill Stamina, purchase Mana and much more.

6. Main Screen Buttons

These are buttons used to customize your Home Screen.

1. Swap Display

Tap to switch between 3☆ CG or 2☆ Sprite. Note that the Home Screen voicelines are different for each artwork.

2. Change Display Characters

Tap to select which characters you want to show on the Home Screen; you can select up to 5. Scroll through the characters you've set by pressing the arrows at the middle left and right of your screen.

3. Change View (Mobile only)

Tap to change your screen to Vertical to see your current character's art in Vertical Mode. Tap again to return to Horizontal Mode.

4. Hide UI

Tap to hide the Home Screen UI to fully see your current character's art.

7. Event Banner(s)

This shows the Banner(s) for current/upcoming events. Tap there to go to an event's main page.

8. Campaign

This button shows the information for all ongoing campaign(s), including the type of campaign and time left before the current campaign ends and the next one arrives. Tap a campaign to go to the mission type it affects.

9. Other Banners

This banner shows the current Pickup Gacha, Jewel Shop Menu, Priconne Comic and Clan Battle (if it's on).

10. Shop

You can enter the Shop from here. The Shop is where you can use your Mana, Coins and Goddess Stones to buy items.

11. Clan

You can enter the Clan Menu from here. The Clan is where you can chat with other Clan Members, request Equipment, and set your Support Characters for Quests, Dungeons and Clan Battles/Luna Tower.

12. Announcement

You can see the Update Log, News and Announcements from here.

13. Missions

You can see the list of Missions and claim your Mission rewards here.

14. Presents

You can receive items that you get from Daily Login, Battle/Princess Arena rewards, Event Drawbox and other rewards from here.

15. My Page

Tap to return to the Home Screen from other pages.

16. Characters

Tap to go to the Characters Screen. You can upgrade your characters here.

17. Story

Tap to go to the Story Screen. You can read the Main/Character/Guild/Extra/Event Stories here.

18. Quest

Tap to go to the Quest Screen. You can access the Main Quest, Exploration, Dungeon, Sacred Ruins Investigation, Clan Battle, Battle Arena and Princess Arena menus from here.

19. Guildhouse

Tap to go to the Guildhouse. You can receive Stamina/Exp Potions/Skip Tickets/Mana, give your characters Gifts and change the BGM for the Home Screen here. You can also use Rupies earned from Quest/Missions to decorate your Guildhouse, upgrade your resource generators and purchase new BGMs.

20. Gacha

Tap to go to the Gacha Screen. You can use your Jewels to roll the Gacha to recruit new characters and/or obtain Goddess Stones here. You can also roll the Normal Gacha for free twice per day to get random Equipment and Memory Pieces.

21. Menu

Tap to go to the Menu Screen. You can change various game settings, check what Items you currently have, enter the Jewel Shop, see unlocked CGs and videos, set your Profiles and Favorite Character, and more.