Princess Connect Re:Dive Wiki

Navigating through the Main Screens[]

The bar on the bottom of the screen takes you to each of the main menus in the game. From left to right:

Home Screen[]

Main Screen

Upper Left Side[]

Player Level
Your level. Your lovely girls' levels can't exceed your player level.
Stamina is used to do quests. You can refill it daily up to 40 times with Jewels; each refill recovers 120 Stamina and the cost increases at certain numbers of uses per day. Stamina increases by 1 every 6 minutes and the upper limit increases with player level.
Mana is primarily obtained through quests. You can buy Mana up to 70 times daily by using Jewels and when you buy Mana you have a chance to obtain Skip Tickets and Goddess Stones.
Your premium currency. Can be used to roll the Gacha, refill Stamina, buy Mana, shop, etc.
This button shows any kind of boosts that are currently available. (ex: mana drop increase, drop rate increase, etc.)

Upper Right Side[]

1. Swap Display
This button shows up when you're viewing a character of 3☆ rarity or higher. It changes the display from the 1~2☆ character card image to the much more animated 3☆ card image and vice versa.
2. Change Display Character
You can choose up to 5 characters to display on the main menu. You can scroll through the characters you've set by pressing the arrows on the middle left and right of your screen.
3. Change View (Mobile only)
This button removes menus and shows your currently displayed character vertically. Touch the screen again to go back to normal.
4. Hide Menu
This button hides all UI elements so you can admire your beautiful girl.
Event Banner
This button takes you to event pages. It switches between ongoing events (and the Side Story banner) after a certain amount of time; swipe to change it manually.

Under dialog box[]


Shop Screen
ShopMana Normal
Here you can spend Mana to buy Equipment-Strengthening Gems and EXP Potions.
ShopDungeonCoin Dungeon
Unlocks after clearing Main Quest 2-12 (Normal). Here you can spend Dungeon Coins to buy Memory Pieces and items.
ShopArenaCoin Arena
Unlocks after clearing Main Quest 4-6 (Normal). Here you can spend Battle Arena Coins to buy Memory Pieces and items.
ShopPrincessArenaCoin Princess Arena
Unlocks after clearing Main Quest 8-15 (Normal). Here you can spend Princess Arena Coins to buy Memory Pieces and items.
ShopGoddessStone Goddess Stone
Here you can trade Goddess Stones for Memory Pieces of the girls you already own. The amount of Goddess Stones needed per Memory Piece permanently increases by 1 for every 20 pieces bought and caps at 5. You can obtain Goddess Stones by obtaining a duplicate character from the Gacha and as an event prize.
ShopClanCoin Clan
Unlocks after clearing Main Quest 3-1 (Normal). Here you can spend clan coins to buy Memory Pieces and items.
ShopMana Limited
Unlocks after clearing Main Quest 4-13 (Normal). Here you can spend Mana to buy Equipment and EXP Potions. How to open this shop? Do quests normally and when you clear one there's a chance a notification will show up telling you that the Limited Shop is opened and shows you the remaining time left (Max 10 Min). Note that if you repeatedly clear quests without exiting the quest result screen (the screen that shows you icons of items you've got) multiple Limited Shops can be opened and the new one will override the old one (example: last time you check it's still 0/10 and when you check again it's already 4/10, so you've lost 3 chances' worth of shop items). Daily limit of Limited Shop is 5.


In the Member List, you can press the [Like]/[いいね] button beside a clan member to receive 10 energy once per day.
You can request Equipment you need through the clan chat. Click the [Request] button and choose the Equipment you want from the list. You can also request Equipment from the Character screen by selecting the Equipment you want to request, pressing the white button (Where to Find) by the Equipment box and then pressing the middle blue button (assuming the right blue button is greyed out because you don't have it).


Opens the news window full of magical words. You, Harry Potter? Go read 'em.


Opens the mission menu.
Missions consist of Daily Missions and Main Missions. For Daily Missions, you can consult the Missions page linked above or just tap the white button labeled 'チャレンジ' to send you to the menu/area where you complete the mission requirements. The two that reward 100 Stamina can be claimed by logging in from 3:00~19:59 (UTC) and 9:00~19:59 (UTC).


Opens the presents menu. This is your "mailbox" for weekly Arena rewards, random item box and event rewards, etc.


Character Screen 1
Top bars, from left to right :: Show all units, Show Frontline units only, Show Midline units only, Show Backline units only, Sort by X, Ascending/Descending.
Tap on a character to go to their Equipment Screen, shown below:
Character Screen 2
Click the blue button under your chibi form character to equip any available Equipment or to increase Character Rank if you have all 6 pieces of Equipment.
The box with the character icon[]
You can view the Character Details screen by pressing the character icon. This screen shows the character's current stats, Equipment needed for future Character Ranks, and some personal info like height, weight, birthdate, etc.
The blue boxes, from top to bottom: Relationship Level, Character Level, and Battle Power.
Relationship Level can be raised by using the character in battle or by giving her Gifts in the Guildhouse. Gifts can be obtained by using Skip Tickets on Main Quests.
The gray box shows your Character Rank. Every time you increase Character Rank (by equipping all six pieces of Equipment), the character's stats increase and her Equipment slots are replaced with new ones. You can see what Equipment each Character Rank can equip by tapping her icon and then tapping the middle bar marked 'ランク詳細'.
The blue box is the magical "I Leave It Up to You" button, which will automatically level up your character to max, max all her skills, equip every Equipment available to her and increase her Character Rank if possible. When you press it, a window where you can see what will be spent (Mana, Equipment, Potions) will open before you confirm the action.
The tab on the upper right side[]
From left to right: Equipment Info, Level Increase, Skill Increase, Blooming.=====
Equipment Info shows the status of the equipment needed for the slot you chose.
The white button (Where to Find) shows you where you can get the equipment from. You can just choose the stage displayed and it will take you there. Some Equipment is made from combining Equipment Fragments, and some by crafting it through recipes.
The blue button is where you enhance your Equipment by feeding it other equipment or Weapon Gems which can be obtained from the Shop and Quests. Equipment that can be Enhanced will have one or more small blank stars on the equipment icon. Note that when you increase your girl's Character Rank, the bonuses from enhanced Equipment don't carry over to your character. For every enhanced Equipment you had before the rank-up, you will get a partial refund in Weapon Gems.
Level Increase is where you can feed your girl EXP Potions to increase her level. Potions can be obtained from Exploration, doing Main Quests and using Skip Tickets.
Skill Increase is where you raise your girl's skill level by spending Mana. Some skills are not available until your girl reaches a certain Character Rank.
Blooming is where you use Memory Pieces to upgrade your girl to a higher-star version. Memory Pieces can be obtained from Hard Main Quests, bought from the Shop with Goddess Stones and as a prize from events. You can only use Memory Pieces that match the particular version of the character you are Blooming (ex: Summer Kyaru can only be bloomed with Summer Kyaru Memory Pieces, not New Year Kyaru Memory Pieces or normal Kyaru Memory Pieces).


Story Screen
From top to bottom, left to right :: Main Story, Character Story, Guild Story, Extra Story. Watching stories gives you Jewels.
Main Story. Unlocked by progressing through the Main Quest.
Character Story. Unlocked by raising your girl's Relationship Rank. Note that characters under 3☆ can only unlock their story up to the fourth episode. Watching a character's story can increase their stats.
Guild Story. Unlocked by raising the Relationship Rank of the characters that are a member of the corresponding Guild. New stories get unlocked once you reach a certain total of ranks, so you can unlock an episode by having three ranks in one member of the guild, two in one member and one in another member of the same guild, and so on.
Extra Story. Unlocked by doing quests other than the main quest. Also contains Event stories.


Quest Screen 1
From top to bottom, left to right: Main Quest, Exploration, Dungeon, Sacred Ruins Investigation, Clan Battle, Battle Arena and Princess Arena.
Main Quest. Divided into Normal mode, Hard mode, and Very Hard mode. By doing Quests, you gain EXP, Mana, Affection and Items. There are two types of drops you get from doing Quests: normal drops and first-time-clear-only drops. You can use a Skip Ticket to do a Quest you've previously cleared with 3 stars; EXP and Affection gained from skipped Quests will be converted to EXP Potions and Gifts. Hard mode is limited to 3 times a day for each stage; however, Hard mode stages have a chance to drop Memory Pieces for a particular character in addition to regular Equipment drops. They also drop 5 Memory Pieces guaranteed as a first-time-clear-only drop.
Exploration. Here you can get lots of EXP potions and Mana. Limited to 2 times each daily. Higher level stages unlock after clearing the required stage of Main Quest.
Dungeon. A tower where you have characters fight continuously until either you kill the last boss or you press the give up button. You can obtain Mana and Equipment from here. The red-and-gold chests give you Dungeon Coins in addition to normal rewards. The daily limit on times you can enter a Dungeon is 1 but can be increased to 2 by buying a monthly subscription.
Sacred Ruins Investigation. Like Exploration, except the quests will also feature a Boss Monster and you get Equipment and Princess Heart Fragments instead of Mana/Exp Potions. You can do this quest 5 times per stage each day. You can also use 50 Crystals to reset the Count Limit for a stage; each stage's Count Limit can be reset three times per day.
Clan Battle. You gain 1 CP for every 300 Stamina spent during the day. The maximum is 900 Stamina spent for 3 CP. You use 1 CP to fight a Clan Battle Boss together with your clan members to get items and compete against other clans in the Clan Rankings. Your clan obtains Clan Battle Ranking Rewards depending on your clan's Score.
Battle Arena. In short, PvP. Pit a 5-character team against another player's defense team. Both teams are locked into Auto Mode, so you have to let the AI do all the fighting. This is how you get Battle Arena Coins; the higher your rank the more you get per hour. You also gain 10 Battle Arena Coins for each Player defeated by your Defense Team for a maximum of 50 Battle Arena Coins per Day.
Achieving higher ranks for the first time rewards you with Jewels. You also obtain Jewels and other rewards based on your current Rank in Arena.
Princess Arena. Like Battle Arena, except you use 3 teams instead of 1 and the winner is 'best two out of three'.
At Rank 1000 and above you can't see your opponent's third team before starting the fight.
At Rank 500 and above you can't see your opponent's second team or third team.
At Rank 50 and above you can't see any of your opponent's teams.


Where your chibi girls roam. You can obtain items from the four default pieces of furniture you get, which you can upgrade when you reach certain Player Levels. Note that upgrading one resets its countdown timer. The button labeled 'キャラ配置' in the submenu labeled 'MENU' (upper-right corner of the screen) lets you choose five characters to roam the current floor of the Guildhouse in their chibi form. Decorations don't have any special effects other than make your room pretty, and let your girls play with it.


Everyone's favourite, Heaven or Hell.
Character gachas are 1 for 150 Jewels or 10 for 1500 Jewels with one 2☆ guaranteed. The Yellow button is 50 Jewel for 1 gacha daily however you need PAID JEWELS to use this. All the Jewels you gain from gameplay are FREE JEWELS, you can only get PAID JEWELS by buying them with real money. Note that a monthly subscription gives 500 PAID JEWELS once and 50 FREE JEWELS daily.
Equipment Gacha, spin it for 10 free Equipment. Resets twice a day at 15:00 and 20:00 (UTC).


Menu Screen (Cellphone)
Jewel Shop
You can buy Jewels here. You can also buy Mana, refill Stamina, and expand your Item Box (for Guildhouse decorations).
You can see items, Equipment and Memory Pieces that you have here.
You can see Main/Guild/Character/Extra Story CGs and animated scenes here. You can also see the info of Characters that you are already have, rewatch their Bond Scenes and view their one-panel loading screen comic.
There is no picture, so I will list each tab and its options only. You can guess the effect by its name (because I'm unsure myself as I don't really play with these buttons). It consists of four tabs:
1. Screen Orientation
Left option: Auto Rotate
Middle option: Right side of phone is top
Right Option: Left side of phone is top
2. Voice Data Download
If set to off, you will not be prompted to download voice data when viewing things like stories, and there will be no voices.
3. Gacha Animation Quality
What kind of animation quality you wish to see when you get a 3☆ from gacha. If set to ‘rich’ there will be a download before it is played.
Left option: Rich
Right option: Standard
4. Home Screen Animation Quality
If set to rich there will be a download when you change the characters displayed on the Home Screen.
Left option: Rich
Right option: Standard
5. Save Rich Quality Data
If set to off, downloaded ‘rich’ quality data will be deleted when the app restarts.
Left option: Save
Right option: Don’t save
6. Movie Quality
Left option: High quality
Right option: Standard quality
7. Other Players’ Character Appearance
There is a setting on the character page that allows you to switch a character’s appearance between 1☆, 3☆ and 6☆. This setting toggles whether you’ll see what another player has set. This is mainly used to avoid confusion in the arena.
Left option: Reflect
Right option: Don’t reflect
8. Spending Alert
Every month, if you spend more than 100,000 yen, the game will display an alert.
Left option: Show
Right option: Don’t show
9. Friend Request Popup After Quest Clear
Whether to display a popup to send a friend request to a non-friend player when you use their Support Character to successfully clear a quest.
Left option: Show
Right Option: Don’t show
10. Unread Stories Notification
Whether to get notified when there is an unread story.
Left option: Show
Right Option: Don’t show
11. Gacha ‘Downloading’ Bar
If set to show, a download bar will appear when you pull a new character from the gacha. Does not apply to normal gacha (the daily equipment gacha).
Left option: Show
Right option: Don’t show
12. My Party Preset Notification
Whether to display a notification if, for whatever reason, recalling a ‘My Party’ preset is unable to assemble the full party.
Left option: Show
Right option: Don’t show
13. Rank Up Confirmation Dialogue
Whether to display a confirmation dialogue when you click rank up and the action will not consume any equipment or mana.
Left option: Show
Right option: Don’t show
14. All Rank Up Confirmation
Whether to display a confirmation dialogue for all ranking up actions.
Left option: Show
Right option: Don’t show
15. Furniture Level Up Notification
Whether to show a notification when a furniture is available to level up.
Left option: Show
Right option: Don’t show
16. New Mini-Game Added Notification
Whether to show a notification when a new mini-game is added to the game table (a guild house furniture).
Left option: Show
Right option: Don’t show
17. Game Table Animation Data
Whether to save the animation data for the game table furniture that plays when you open the game table. If set to ‘don’t save’ the data will be deleted when the app restarts.
Left option: Save
Right option: Don’t save
18. Event Ending Notification
Whether to show a notification that an event is about to end.
Left option: Show from 3 days before.
Middle option: Show on the last day.
Right option: Don’t show
19. Side Story Button
Whether to display the ‘side story’ button on the quest map.
Left option: Show
Right option: Don’t show
20. Shop Gear Display Sort Order
The order in which gear in the shops are displayed.
Left option: Sort by amount owned.
Right option: Sort by rarity.
BGM, SFX, and Voice sliders. Small white button = Default.
1. Skill Cut-Ins
Skill cut-in when a character uses their Union Burst.
Left option: Show once a day per character
2. FPS
Frame rate in battle.
Left option: High
Right option: Standard
3. Remember Auto and Speed Settings
Auto and speed setting in battle; if set to ‘remember’ it will be carried over from battle to battle.
Left option: Remember
Right option: Don’t remember
4. Same Named Party Members
Whether to allow characters of the same name to be placed in a party. (e.g. Kokkoro and PKokkoro).
Left option: Allow
Right option: Don’t allow
5. Clan Battle Confirmation
Whether to display a confirmation when you are about to start a proper clan battle (not simulation).
6. Clan Battle Members Alert
Whether to show an alert if you are attempting to start a clan battle with less than 5 party members.
7. Clan Simulation Battle Speed Limit
How fast you can speed up clan battle.
Left option: 4x speed
Right option: 2x speed
8. Clan Simulation Battle Speed Setting Confirmation
Whether to show a confirmation dialogue for the battle speed before you start a clan battle simulation.
9. Luna Tower Battle Confirmation
Whether to show a confirmation dialogue before starting a proper battle in Luna Tower (not simulation).
10. Multi-Target Display
Whether to show an animation highlighting attackable parts of a monster at the start of the battle if the monster has multiple attackable parts.
Left option: Show once a day
11. Quick Start Confirmation Dialogue
When viewing clear parties or clan battle logs and deciding to use that party, whether to show a confirmation dialogue before starting the battle.
Others (Mobile only)
Send a notification when Stamina hits maximum.
Send a notification when the Guildhouse furniture that gives Skip Tickets is full.
Send a notification when the Guildhouse furniture that gives Stamina is full.
Send a notification when the Guildhouse furniture that gives EXP Potions is full.
Send a notification when the Guildhouse furniture that gives Mana is full.
Guildhouse "Harvest All" Button.
Don't Disturb mode from 00:00 ~ 6:59.
Here you can change your nickname, write something about yourself, see your player ID and change your favorite character.
Here you can friend other players, set Support Characters and participate in Friend Battles.
Here you can send suggestions and complaints to the developers.
Here you can see the basic info about this game.
4-Panel Comics
Here you can read silly comics about various characters.
Data Transfer
The most important part. Click it, click the blue button and then two options show up.
1st option: Enter Transfer Code. To transfer your account, you enter your Player ID and password. BUT, first you must create an account and password of course. The Player ID can be found on the Profile page of the ID you want to transfer.
2nd option: Create Transfer Code. Press the blue button, enter a password and then re-enter the password. Check the 'I agree', bla, bla, bla. Password must consist of 1 Uppercase and 1 Lowercase Letter, 1 Numeral, and must be 8~16 characters long.
Transferring an ID doesn't mean it will be erased on your old device, rather you are now able to play it on two devices (wooooot). But of course stamina, jewel, etc remains same across the two accounts. NOTE: when transferring from iOS to Android or vice versa, the Jewels you have on your old device can no longer be used.
Account Link
Bind your account to Game Center (iOS), Google Play (Android), Facebook. Still unsure how this works when transferring account.
What it says on the tin. Accomplish particular tasks to gain gamer cred.
Here you can change your title. Your current title shows up on your profile and in your clan chat messages. Gain more titles by getting new characters, defeating event bosses, and more.
Side Story
Here you can participate in a few evergreen Events. This is not the Extra Story page; you can do battles and get rewards from Side Stories.
SD Card Settings
Here you can change how you store your data, probably.
Back to Title Screen
Sends you to the Title Screen, not the Main Screen. Click the My Page button if you want to go see your girl.

And Yes, we're done!! If you want more specific information about things like drop locations and character tiers, go to the Main Page.

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