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Grotto is a type of Quest in Princess Connect! Re:Dive which players can yield valuable EXP Items and Mana required to upgrade characters as battle rewards.

Quest Types[]

Screenshot Grotto Interface

Grotto Quests Screen

The Grotto contains two types of quest with different rewards:

  • EXP Quests
    These quests yield EXP items that can be used to raise a character's level.
  • Mana Quests
    These quests yield Mana which can be used for a variety of purposes, including purchasing items and enhancing skills.

Number of Attempts[]

Grotto quests can only be attempted a set number of times per day. EXP Quests and Mana Quests each have a separate attempt limit. Attempts are reset daily at 1:00PM (UTC).

Important Information[]

  • Completing Grotto quests does not earn Player EXP or Bond Points.
  • Using skip tickets to complete Grotto quests does not earn Player EXP or Gifts.
  • Grotto quests do not consume any stamina.

Grotto Clear Rank[]

The Clear Rank of a quest changes depending on the number of characters that were incapacitated when the quest was cleared.
Note: The Clear Rank is displayed as a number of stars.

Clearing Quests with 3★[]

If you achieve the maximum Clear Rank of 3★, you will receive an extra rewards.
Note: This reward can only be obtained once.

Achieving a 3★ Clear Rank also unlocks the ability to clear that quest using skip tickets.

Clearing with Skip Tickets[]

If players have already cleared a quest with a 3★ Clear Rank, they can use skip tickets to clear the quest again without a battle. Players can use multiple skip tickets at once to clear the quest repeatedly, and only the results of each battle will be displayed.

Skip Bonus[]

When using skip tickets, players will receive equivalent items instead of Character EXP and Bond Points.
The items received are as follows:

  • Character EXP → EXP Items
    Players will receive EXP items that provide the same amount of Character EXP that would have been obtained from clearing the quest normally.
  • Bond Points → Gifts
    Players will receive Gifts that provide the same amount of Bond Points that would have been obtained from clearing the quest normally.

Note: Gifts will not be obtained when using skip tickets to clear Grotto quests.

Character EXP at Character Level Max[]

If a character reaches their current level cap, they can only obtain EXP equal to 1 less than the EXP required for the next level. Any further EXP gained by this character is discarded.

Example: Assuming the current character level cap is 80 and the EXP required for the next level is 6000, if a Level 80 character who already has 5990 EXP earns a further 10 EXP, their 5990 EXP will increase to 5999 EXP and the surplus 1 EXP will be discarded.

Items Obtained That Exceed the Limit[]

If players obtain more of any item than the maximum that can be held, the extra items will be sent to their Present Box. There is a deadline to claim these extra items, so players should be careful.

Example: If the player has 99,999 skip tickets and they obtain 1 new skip ticket, the 1 skip ticket will be sent to their Present Box.

Support Characters[]

The player can include support characters in their own party that other players have set under the Friend category.

Number of Support Characters[]

A single support character can be used in each quest attempt.

Mana Cost[]

Each time the player begin a battle with a support character in their party, Mana will be consumed as follows.
Note: If the player set a friend support character but their attempt is unsuccessful, the Mana will not be consumed.

  • If the player using the support character is Player Level 49 or below: Mana equal to their Player Level x 1000 is consumed.
  • If the player using the support character is Player Level 50 or above: A flat rate of 50,000 Mana is consumed.

Power and Stats[]

The support character's Power and stats, as well as Mana consumed, are determined at the time of starting the battle. Any changes to the support character made after this point (increases in level, skill enhancements etc.) will not be reflected.

Also, when using a support character set by another player who is not the current player's friend list, the character's details will be adjusted as follows if their level is higher than the current player's level:

  • Stats
    All stats will be calculated as if the character's level was the same as the current player's level.

  • Skill Levels
    These will also be set to the same level as the current player's level.

  • Equipment
    All equipment that can be equipped when the character's level is the same as the current player's level will be treated as equipped. Refinements will not be applied.

  • Unique Equipment
    If the selected support character has their Unique Equipment equipped and its Refinement Level is higher than the current player's level, its stats will be adjusted to reflect a Refinement Level that is the same as the current player's level.

Using a Support Character[]

After using a friend's support character in the player's party, they will not be able to use the same friend's support characters again until three hours later.
Note: This does not apply if the attempt is unsuccessful.

Friend support characters cannot be included in the player's party if they are 31 or more levels higher than the current player's level.