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Shorthand Terminology Description
Dungeon Coin Used to buy Memory Pieces and other items.
Mana Main currency of the game.
Memory Piece Used to Bloom a character and make Unique Equipment.
UE Unique Equipment Special character-exclusive equipment that raises stats and improves skills.
UB Union Burst A powerful attack that you can only activate when a character's TP bar is full.
P.Arena Princess Arena A battle system for PvP
R1, R2, ... Rn Rank 1, Rank 2, ... Rank n Character Rank


Icon Name Alternative names, nicknames
Icon-unit-coccoro Kokkoro Korosuke (By Kyaru), Mama Kokkoro
Icon-unit-pecorine Pecorine Eustiana (Real Name), Peko-san
Icon-unit-kyaru Kyaru Kiruya (Real Name), Karyl, Cal, Nuke (Her Union Burst After 6*), Traitor Cat
Icon-unit-yui Yui Kusano
Icon-unit-hiyori Hiyori Harusaki Punch Cat
Icon-unit-rei Rei
Icon-unit-labyrista Akira Mosakuji Labyrista, Queen Labyrinth (Seven Crown Title), Meikyuu Jo-ou, (Seven Crown Title in Japanese), Akira (by Fio/Ames)
Icon-unit-shizuru Shizuru Hoshino Shizu, Onee-chan (No.1)
Icon-unit-rino Rino Inosaki Imouto
Icon-unit-nozomi Nozomi Sakurai
Icon-unit-chika Chika Misumi
Icon-unit-tsumugi Tsumugi Mayumiya Smug
Icon-unit-mimi Mimi Akane Ninjin Hadanken (Parody of Muimi's Union Burst)
Icon-unit-misogi Misogi Hodaka Terrorist (Halloween Version exclusive)
Icon-unit-kyoka Kyoka
Icon-unit-hatsune Hatsune Kashiwazaki
Icon-unit-misato Misato Aikawa Mama Misato
Icon-unit-aoi Aoi Futaba
Icon-unit-ilya Ilya Ornstein Legendary Vampire (Title)
Icon-unit-shinobu Shinobu Kamiki
Icon-unit-yori Yori Kazemiya
Icon-unit-akari Akari Kazemiya
Icon-unit-miyako Miyako Izumo Pudding
Icon-unit-jun Jun Shirogane
Icon-unit-christina Christina Morgan Regina Gesch (Seven Crown Title), Seiyaku Megimi (Seven Crown Title in Japanese), Chris
Icon-unit-tomo Tomo Mikuma
Icon-unit-matsuri Matsuri Orihara Boi, Hero of Justice
Icon-unit-saren Saren Sasaki Mama Saren (by Ayane, Kurumi)
Icon-unit-suzume Suzume Amano
Icon-unit-kurumi Kurumi Kuribayashi
Icon-unit-ayane Ayane Hojo Kurumi's Onee-chan (Self-proclaimed)
Icon-unit-maho Maho Himemiya Princess of Maho Maho Kingdom
Icon-unit-makoto Makoto Aki
Icon-unit-kaori Kaori Kyan Punch Dog
Icon-unit-kasumi Kasumi Kirihara Kasumeme
Icon-unit-mahiru Mahiru Noto
Icon-unit-rin Rin Morichika Squirrel, Rinrin (by Mahiru)
Icon-unit-shiori Shiori Kashiwazaki Shiorin (by Hatsune), Shioshio (by Mahiru)
Icon-unit-rima Rima Llama/Alpaca, Rimarima (by Mahiru)
Icon-unit-akino Akino Toudou
Icon-unit-yukari Yukari Ayase
Icon-unit-mifuyu Mifuyu Ogami
Icon-unit-tamaki Tamaki Miyasaka Tama-nee (by Makoto, Kaori)
Icon-unit-anna Anna Hiiragi Hecate of the Tempest (Self-Proclaimed Title)
Icon-unit-ruka Ruka Tachiarai Ane-gou (lit: Elder Sister, That's what people usually called her)
Icon-unit-eriko Eriko Kuraishi Destroyer (Title), Jerico
Icon-unit-nanaka Nanaka Tanno Collector (Title)
Icon-unit-mitsuki Mitsuki Yoigahama One-Eyed Demon (Title)
Icon-unit-io Io Hasekura
Icon-unit-suzuna Suzuna Minami
Icon-unit-misaki Misaki Tamaizumi
Icon-unit-monika Monika Weisswind
Icon-unit-ninon Ninon Joubert
Icon-unit-kuuka Kuuka Tomi
Icon-unit-yuki Yuki Nijimura Trap
Icon-unit-ayumi Ayumi Ishibashi Stalker
Icon-unit-chieru Chieru Kazama
Icon-unit-chloe Chloe Chloe, Kuroe, Hanako (Real Name)
Icon-unit-yuni Yuni Shingyouji Yuni-chan-senpai
Icon-unit-djeeta Djeeta
Icon-unit-arisa Arisa
Icon-unit-grea Grea
Icon-unit-anne Anne
Icon-unit-lou Lou
Icon-unit-emilia Emilia EMT ('E'milia 'M'aji 'T'enshi, By Natsuki Subaru)
Icon-unit-ram Ram
Icon-unit-rem Rem
Icon-unit-muimi Muimi Sonoue Nouem (In-game Name)
Icon-unit-neneka Neneka Utsushimi Metamorregnant (Seven Crown Title), Onee-chan (No.2), Henbou Dai Hi (Seven Crown Title in Japanese)

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