Princess Connect Re:Dive Wiki

Equipment Screen[]


The Equipment Screen is the first tab you will see when you tap a Character's Banner from the Characters List Screen.
This Screen is for Equipping your Character's Normal Equipment (Don't confuse this with the Character's Unique Equipment, which is in the fifth tab), Enhancing Equipment and Ranking Up your Character.

Equipment Slots[]

Equipment Slots are shown on the left side of the screen. These 6 slots are fixed and only the equipment shown can be equipped to them. If you have the correct equipment, clicking on the corresponding slot then tapping Equip (装備する) will use up that slot and your character will get a stat bonus (which stats are boosted depends on the Equipment).

A lot of gear will require Equipment Blueprints, Fragments and/or a completed piece of other Equipment. You can tap the How to Obtain (入手方法) Button to see the components of the Equipment for the selected slot.


You can tab a component's icon to see that component's info as well as the stage that drops it.


You can go to that stage directly via this menu. You can also tap Request (装備リクエスト) Button to Post an Equipment Request on your Clan's Notice Board if the Equipment is Rank 9 or Lower.

Equipment Upgrade[]

Equipment that is equipped and has one or more star on the bottom left of its icon can be upgraded. Upgrading increases the stat bonuses that the equipment gives. To Upgrade, click on the Equipment and then tap Upgrade (強化する) on the information box on the right.


The Upgrade Screen will pop up, showing the amount of points needed to upgrade that piece. You can fodder off unneeded equipment or use weapon gems to fill the bar shown. Once the bar is filled, hit the Upgrade (強化) button on the bottom right to finalize the upgrade to your equipment.
You can also use Jewels to instantly Upgrade your Equipment too (though it isn't really cost-efficient at all, so don't do it!)
Note that Upgraded Equipment will vanish once you decide to Rank Up your Character. As compensation, you will get a partial refund of weapon gems on gear you have upgraded. The stat bonuses on the Upgraded Equipment WILL NOT transfer to the Character, so only Upgrade Equipment if it belongs to the highest possible Rank or if you won't Rank Up that Character for a while.

Rank Up[]

Ranking Up is a process which adds stats from all of your current Rank's Equipment to your Character. It will also unlock new skills at some Ranks, specifically Rank 2 (1st skill unlocked), Rank 4 (2nd skill unlocked), and Rank 7 (Ex skill unlocked). It is highly recommended to get the Characters you use to at least Rank 4 for both the stat increases and unlocked skills, which will greatly help you on your journey.


To Rank Up your character, you must either have all 6 Equipment slots occupied, or have all the necessary Equipment components to do so in your Inventory. The Rank Up (ランクアップ) Button directly underneath the character should be sparkly.
When you tap it, the confirmation screen will appear.


You can select the Rank that you want to Rank Up to, given that you have all of required Equipment, Mana and Level. You can also compare the stats before and after Rank Up by tapping the i icon near the Character's portrait.


If you are ok with the stat changes and have all requirements ready, you can press confirm and your Character will be Ranked Up. All your Equipment slots will be reset on Rank Up and your character will able to equip a new set of stronger, higher-Rank Equipment.