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Dungeon is a type of Quest in Princess Connect! Re:Dive. It is a series of challenges in which characters' HP and TP are carried over between battles. When the player defeat each Dungeon's boss for the first time, they will receive special furniture items that produce stamina.

Dungeon Types[]

There are five different Dungeons available, each with a different difficulty level.

Name Difficulty Floors Unlock Condition
Cloudtop Peak NORMAL
Cleared Main Quest 2-12 (NORMAL)
Deepwood Oak HARD
Cleared Main Quest 5-13 (NORMAL)
Sheercliff Ruins VERY HARD
Cleared Main Quest 7-14 (NORMAL)
Tideborne Tower EXTREME I
Cleared Main Quest 11-17 (NORMAL)
Darkblight Crag EXTREME II
Cleared Main Quest 14-14 (NORMAL)
Jadewyrm's Roost EXTREME III
Cleared Main Quest 26-14 (NORMAL)

Note: If after starting a Dungeon attempt, and the game application is not launched for 30 days, the player will automatically retreat from the Dungeon. Rewards gained in that Dungeon up to that point will be retained.

Attempts and Returning[]

Taking on a Dungeon consumes Dungeon attempts.
Note: Stamina is not consumed in Dungeons.

Number of Attempts[]

Players can attempt a Dungeon once per day.
Note: Attempts reset daily at 1:00PM (UTC).

Returning from Dungeons[]

When the player returns from a Dungeon, their next attempt will start from the beginning.
Any rewards gained in that Dungeon before returning will be retained.
If the player defeats the boss at the end of a Dungeon, they will be returned automatically.

Maintaining Battle Information[]

Within a Dungeon, character HP and TP are maintained between battles.
This applies to both the player's own characters and the enemies they face.
If a character's HP is reduced to 0, that character cannot be used for the remainder of the Dungeon.
Returning from a Dungeon resets the HP and TP of all characters.

Opponent Types[]

The enemies which players face in a Dungeon fall into the following categories:

  • Opponents
    Other player's parties will appear as opponents.
    The opponents that appear are selected based on the player's level.
    If a suitable player party cannot be found, an NPC party will appear instead.

  • Boss Monsters
    At the top of each Dungeon lurks a powerful monster.
    The boss monster's strength is fixed does not change based on the player's level.

Note: Players can only view information about enemies up to the next battle.

Character Level Limits[]

In Dungeons, characters below Level 10 and support characters who are 31 or more levels higher than the player's level cannot be included in their party.
Note: Characters who are exactly Level 10 can be used.

Support Characters[]

If the player has joined a Clan, they can include other clan members' characters in their own party. These are known as support characters.

Number of Support Characters[]

Only one support character can be used over the course of a single Dungeon attempt.

Mana Cost[]

The first time the player takes a support character into battle in each Dungeon attempt, Mana will be consumed as follows:

  • If the player using the support character is Player Level 49 or below: Mana equal to their Player Level x 1000 is consumed.
  • If the player using the support character is Player Level 50 or above: A flat rate of 50,000 Mana is consumed.

Power and Stats[]

The support character's Power and stats, as well as the Mana consumed, are determined at the time of starting the battle. Any changes to the support character made after this point (increases in level, skill enhancements etc.) will not be reflected.

Persistence Between Battles[]

A support character's HP and TP are maintained between battles.

Bonus HP and TP Recovery[]

Each time the player wins a battle, their characters' HP and TP will recover by a set amount. This recovery does not apply to characters not in the current party or characters whose HP has been reduced to 0.

Recovery Amount[]

The amount of HP and TP recovered is determined by the set recovery rate of each Dungeon and the HP/TP Regen stats of the individual characters.

Enemy Recovery[]

Even if the enemy wins the battle, their HP and TP are not recovered.


Dungeon battles yield rewards including Mana, Equipment and Dungeon Coin. In addition, when players defeat each Dungeon boss for the first time, they will receive a special furniture item that produces stamina.

Dungeon Coins[]

Players can use these coins to purchase items in the Dungeon Shop.

Dungeon Coin Limit[]

Players can hold up to 999,999,999 Dungeon Coins.

Dungeon Bosses[]

Once the player reaches the top floor, they will face a boss. Every Dungeon Boss is unique, each one harder and tougher than before.

Cloudtop Peak (NORMAL)[]

Elder Tryant (エルダータイラント)


[Physical] A great old turtle that has evolved like a rocky mountain. A powerful and unrivaled headbutt easily crushes the earth.

  • Union burst deals Physical Damage within the front range and Inflict Paralyze.
  • Lowers Physical Defense to 3 characters in front.

Deepwood Oak (HARD)[]

Wise Owl (ワイズオウル)


[Magic] A bright owl that lives on the top of a large tree.He bundles the wisdom of the living in the forest and skillfully manipulates magic.

  • Union Burst deals magic damage to all enemies.
  • Inflicts physical damage on one random character and Inflict Paralyze.

Sheercliff Ruins (VERY HARD)[]

Arch Guardian (アークガーディアン)


[Physical] An artificial life form that has been protecting the ruins since ancient times. With the mystery of the Creator, it keeps moving with infinite power.

  • Union Burst deals Magic Damage to all enemies.
  • Inflicts physical damage within the front range.
  • Inflicts Magic damage on all enemies and Inflict Silence.

Tideborne Tower (EXTREME I)[]

Chimera (キマイラ)


[Physical] A violent mixed demon beast that sits on the top of a lone tower. The onslaught of ever-changing slaughtered many challengers.

  • Union burst deals Large Physical Damage on the front and Knockback.
  • Inflicts Physical damage on the front 3 characters and Inflict Burn.
  • Inflicts Magical Damage on all characters and Reduce Physical Defense, Magic Defense and Action Speed.
  • When the remaining time is less than 10 seconds, Inflict Maximum Magic Damage to all characters and reset its own TP.

Darkblight Crag (EXTREME II)[]

Jabberwock (ジャバウォック)


[Physical] An ugly mad beast that lives on the top of the dark ridge of poison. It takes life with its deadly poisonous miasma and feeds on the corpse.

  • Union burst deals Great Magic Damage to all enemies, Inflict Posion and Knockback.
  • Inflicts Physical Damage to the two characters in front, and Reduces Physical Attack and TP.
  • When Jabberwock's HP reaches 40%, The attacks became more violent, and summons 3 monsters.
  • When the remaining time is less than 20 seconds, Inflicts a powerful poison to all characters and reset its own TP.

Jadewyrm's Roost (EXTREME III)[]

Wrath Dragon (ラースドラゴン)


[Physical] A young greatwyrm that makes its roost on a long-forgotten peak. With its scorching breath, it incinerates any adventureers who would invade its territory.

  • Union Burst: Deals percentage physical damage to all enemies and reduces their TP.
  • At the start of battle, reduces own TP by a massive amount.
  • Deals magical damage to all enemies in a radius around the enemy directly in front and lowers their physical defense.
  • Deals physical damage to all enemies and inflict Burn.
  • Deals Physical Damage to all enemies, knocks them back, and removes their stat buffs.
  • When all targets are broken, reduces own TP by a massive amount.
  • When Wrath Dragon's own HP falls below 10%, its attacks become even more intense, and it can no longer be broken.
  • When the battle timer fully elapses, incapacitates all enemies.

Gameplay Notes[]

  • If the player ends up with "Time Out" during a Dungeon battle, characters who survived the battle will carry over their current HP and SP to the next battle.
  • The player's progress will be saved and they can continue playing into the next day from the latest floor they have cleared if they chose not to retreat.
  • Each "Checkpoint Floor" (any floor with a red and gold chest) gives Dungeon Coin depending on the Difficulty of the Dungeon.
  • To unlock the higher Difficulty Dungeons, you will need to clear the previous Difficulty Dungeon at least once and clear a Required Main Quest Stage at least once.




Other Languages[]

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