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Collaborate with members of your clan to defeat boss monsters!

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Challenge boss monsters with members of your clan!
Since the boss monsters have a lot of health, let's all cooperate and chip away at them together! Total damage dealt to monsters during the event period will be tallied for each clan and clan rankings will be announced ingame.
Depending on ranking, you will receive rewards such as Jewels, Clan Coins and Memory Pieces!


200 stamina will be distributed to all players daily through daily quests, all you have to do is login to collect it.

In the event that you can't leave the Clan or get kicked out from the Clan for the whole duration of Clan Battle Event.

After the Clan Battle period, unauthorized players (cheaters/hackers) will be dealt with accordingly. Rewards will be given to players. The contributions of players caught cheating will not be added to the clan total (effectively changing clan ranking after the clan battle period).

The contents of Clan Battle may change without prior notice.


Access Clan Battle through the long button at the bottom left of the Clan page or the sword and shield button on the Quest menu.

Menu-clan-clanbattle Menu-quest-clan

Clan Battle interface

There are multiple bosses; damage dealt by all members of the clan will be tallied. The clan can only move on to the next boss once the current one has been defeated.

You can also enter the Tutorial Mode for the current boss and bosses you have already defeated once that are in the current tier. Tutorial Mode will not consume CP and can be entered indefinitely. You can also use any characters, including ones already used for that day.

Clan Battles consume 300 CP per run. Consuming 1 stamina grants you 1 CP; you can acquire a maximum of 900 CP daily.

Characters cannot be used in multiple Clan Battles on the same day (except in Tutorial Mode).

Clan Points (CP):

To challenge a monster, you must gather Clan Points (CP). Each battle you do costs 300 CP.

CP is earned from clearing main quests. 1 Stamina used = 1 CP. If you time out on a quest, you do not receive CP.

You can acquire a maximum of 900 CP daily. Any stamina used after that will not grant CP.

CP is reset daily at 5AM JST.

Basic Rules:

Together with clan members (1 support can be used per run), you battle the bosses.

After defeating the 5th and final boss, you start from the first boss again.

Boss will get stronger after certain rounds pass. Bosses have three "Tiers" of difficulty.
In Tier 3, the Final Boss will gain a new skill/attack pattern, making it much more challenging to fight.
- Tier 1 For Round 1 - 3
- Tier 2 For Round 4 - 10
- Tier 3 For Round 11 - 34
- Tier 4 For Round 35 - 44
- Tier 5 For Round 45+

Each Boss will have a different Score Multiplier. The higher the Score Multiplier, the more Score you gain from damage you deal to the boss. Below is a list of the Tiers, Bosses and Multipliers:

Boss 1 Boss 2 Boss 3 Boss 4 Boss 5
Tier 1 x1.2 x1.2 x1.3 x1.4 x1.5
Tier 2 x1.4 x1.4 x1.8 x1.8 x2.0
Tier 3 x2.0 x2.0 x2.4 x2.4 x2.6
Tiers 4-5 x3.5 x3.5 x3.7 x3.8 x4.0

If you defeat a boss before the time runs out, you'll able to use the same team that defeated the boss on the next boss along with the leftover time plus 20 seconds. Your team's HP and TP will be set to the default values (100% HP and 0% TP). You can also changed any team members as you like, just remember that the new member will be also counted as used for that day and can't be used again in other teams till the next day.

Team Formation:

Units must be at least Lv10 to participate.

Your player level determines the max level of support characters you can use -- just like Dungeon support.

Characters you use in a clan battle cannot be used in subsequent clan battles in the same day.

Single target UB characters are ideal most of time, as there will only be one boss monster, with no other accompanying monsters.

However, as of May 2019 Clan Battle introduced Multi-Target Boss Mechanics, so you might need some AoE Attackers as well.

Healers are largely unnecessary, unless your team dies before timeout.

Boss Monster Subjugation Rewards:

All clan members who contributed damage to a boss will receive the subjugation reward once it has been defeated.

Monster subjugation rewards are listed on the boss details screen. (Rewards include a set amount of jewels, silver shields and upgrade stones.)

Damage Ranking Rewards:

Clanbattle intra-clan-ranking
Top right: View rankButton-starBottom left: Rank rewards

Clan members who dealt damage to the boss will be ranked.

When clan members defeat the boss, you will receive ranked rewards based on the damage you dealt.

Check your rank through the top right button on the boss details screen.

Clan Ranking Rewards:

Clanbattle inter-clan-ranking
Bottom left: Rank rewards

All clans' total damage dealt to bosses will be tallied and ranked.

According to rank, after the event period, clan members who have participated will receive the rewards in the Presents Box. Rewards will be given after rankings are calculated when the event ends.

To view the inter-clan ranking, tap on the "i" button beside your clan's rank on the main clan battle interface (at top right)

Clan Grade:

The clan's ranking will determine the grade of the clan, which will be assigned once the current clan battle ends.

Newly formed clans will start off as D grade.

The grades are as following:

SSS: 1~10th

SS: 11~30th

S: 31~100th

AAA: 101~500th

AA: 501~1000th

A: 1001~3000th

BBB: 3001~5000th

BB: 5001~7000th

B: 7001~10000th

C: 10001th & below

D: New Clan that is unranked / only enter single mode Clan Battle


With Clan Battle β's release, several missions have been added.

  1. Normal Mission: Set Clan Battle Support Characters
    Rewards: 30 Jewels
  2. Daily Mission: Challenge Clan Battle Once
    Rewards: 30 EXP and 100 Rupees
    (Only during clan battle event duration)
  3. Daily Mission: Login 1200 - 0459 JST
    Rewards: 100 stamina
  4. Daily Mission: Login 1800 - 0459 JST
    Rewards: 100 stamina

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