Princess Connect Re:Dive Wiki

How to Join a Clan[]

It is necessary to join a Clan to participate in Clan Battle.

  1. Select the clan icon on the Home Screen.
  2. Find a clan you like and then send in an application. You can also create your own clan or accept an invite from someone else's clan if you choose. You can search for specific clans with the search bar function (magnifying glass).

How to Leave a Clan[]

  1. Select the clan icon on the Home Screen (it's the shield icon in the bottom-right corner, labelled 'クラン’).
  2. Click the Member List button.
  3. Click on the small button at the upper right of the screen.

You can't leave a clan during the Clan Battle period.

Navigating the Clan Home Screen[]


Clan Name

The name of your clan.

Chat / Equipment Request Screen

The big box on the right. This is where you can chat with the other members of your clan. You can type a message in the darkened area or you can send a stamp using the white button labelled 'Stamps'.

Additionally, you can request equipment with the blue button labelled 'Request’. Other members of the clan can each send you a maximum of 2 of the requested Equipment. You can only receive a total of 10 of the requested Equipment at a time.

Support Settings

In this screen you can designate up to six characters as Support Characters. Support Characters can be used by your clanmates during Quests, Dungeons, and Clan Battles/ Luna Tower in exchange for a certain amount of Mana. You can still use Support Characters in other areas of the game while they are assigned. Up to two characters can be set per category. Support Characters will accumulate Mana while they are assigned; the longer they stay in, the more Mana they accumulate. Support Characters can be recalled at any time(except in the first 30 minutes after they've been assigned) using the button labeled 'サポート終了.' Doing so will add all the Mana they accumulated to your inventory.

Member List

This will open a menu showing all the other members of your clan. Every day, you can support 1 fellow member and receive 10 Stamina as well as complete one of your Daily Missions.

Clan Battle

This redirects you to the Clan Battle event page. If there isn't currently a Clan Battle occurring, the event page will simply display the results of the last Clan Battle if applicable.


If there is a Clan Battle occurring, the top listing will show you how your clan ranks for the day. The bottom one is your clan's score from the previous Clan Battle period.