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"The sound of these waves are so comforting, I just want to listen to them together forever... Did I say something weird just now?"

Chika Misumi (三角 千歌 Misumi Chika) is a character in Princess Connect! and Princess Connect! Re:Dive. A girl who can communicate with spirits using her songs, she is a member of Carmina.






In Princess Connect!


In Re:Dive

Arc 1:

Prior to going into the woods alone, Chika was approached and agreed to join Nozomi Sakurai's idol group, forming the guild known as Carmina with her. Somewhere deep in the woods, Chika goes there alone to get a feel of how idols sing by singing a few songs by herself. However, while practicing, a monster appears and goes to attack her. Just then, Yuuki appears and defends her. Chika decides to assist him by singing and summoning wind spirits, with the pair defeating the monster easily. After being complimented by Yuuki, Chika explains to him that she ventured into the woods hoping to practice how to sing like an idol with no one around, saying that she isn't as confident as her guildmates. As Chika decides to give up practicing for now, Yuuki offers to accompany her next time. At first, Chika thinks she would be trouble for him, but takes him up on his offer when Yuuki reassures her that he's not bothered. Chika and Yuuki then introduce themselves to one another, becoming acquainted.

Chapter 9: Crisis at the Concert

On the first night of their Live Tour across the continent, Chika is introduced by Nozomi along with Tsumugi as idol guild, Carmina, to their fans who have attended their concert.

Chika performing on-stage during Carmina's first Live Tour.

After thanking their fans for coming, Chika and the others begin the concert with their first performance, with the crowd cheering excitedly and wildly. Singing and dancing to their best, she and the others successfully finish their first song on-stage, with Chika seeing how happy their fans are. However, while looking at the crowd, she notices that Yuuki is among them, telling both Nozomi and Tsumugi of his presence, with the three being glad that he made it as he wasn't around for them to invite earlier that day. Focusing back on their fans and the concert, she and the others move on to perform their next song. Afterwards, however, Chika stops, causing Nozomi to ask her if she is getting nervous. Chika then says that something terrible is going on as the spirits of the wind are alerting her to something coming. Looking at the city's main gate, she tells her friends to look and they spot a giant monster headed straight for the stadium. Knowing their fans will be put in danger, Chika follows along Nozomi's plan to lead the people calmly out of the stadium to somewhere safe. As their fans are being evacuated by their staff members, Chika follows Nozomi's lead in taking on the monster themselves, joining NIGHTMARE knights, Tomo and Matsuri, who were nearby. They are then joined by Yuuki and his elf guide, Kokkoro.

Chika using her magic against the Chimera.

Chika, along with Kokkoro, provide back up to the others while Yuuki lends his power to them in dealing against the monster. Chika keeps the monster at bay from attacking the others with her magic and the help of wind spirits. Working with the others, Chika and the rest's attacks against the monster are going smoothly, until it suddenly attacks Kokkoro, knocking out the young elf. Shocked, she and Yuuki tend to Kokkoro's hands while Tomo and the rest deal with the monster. Chika asks Yuuki if he could focus his power on her so she may heal Kokkoro, noticing that she has started bleeding.

Chapter 10: Saving Pecorine

When back-up from NIGHTMARE arrives, Chika and the others are able to beat the monster and are allowed to continue their concert. Despite worrying for Kokkoro's condition, she and the rest of Carmina resume the concert and are successful by the end of it.

Afterwards, she and the others visit Yuuki at the medical center Kokkoro has been put in, seeing that the little elf is still unconscious. Chika blames herself for not having done more to keep the monster from attacking anyone, but Nozomi insists that it was her fault as leader, with Tsumugi reassuring both that it was nobody's fault. When Yuuki apologizes to them for the incident, she and the others reassure him it wasn't his fault either. After comforting him, Chika is surprised by the arrival of their producer, Christina Morgan, who tells them that they must go to the transfer station in order to reach the next venue and to get some rest. Hearing this, Chika and the others say goodbye to Yuuki, with her promising to stay in touch with him and will visit him and Kokkoro after their tour is over.

Skills and Equipment

Song Summoner



  • "...Just a little closer... Just by being near it, a new melody comes to me"
  • "Just wake up? The festival in the other city has just started, would you like to go with us later?"
  • "...There are so many words in my heart that I just can't write down them all... I want to sing so much..."
  • "Some day... When I write a song that is able to spell out my thoughts... Will you please listen to it?"


  • The name Chika means "thousand" (千) (chi) and "song, poetry" (歌) (ka).
  • Chika's surname Misumi means "three" (三) (mi) and "corner, angle, horn" (角) (sumi).


  • According to Carmina's Guild Story, Chika's three-sizes are 80-56-82.


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