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Event List[]

Event # Event Name
1 Hatsune's Perfect Present
2 Little Lyrical Adventures
3 Vampire Hunters with Illya
4 Dangerous Vacation! Gourmet Princess on the Beach
5 Tamaki and Mifuyu's Desert Island 0-Rupie Life!
6 Ironclad Nightmare
7 Trick or Pudding! The Promised Halloween Party
8 Twilight Breakers
9 The Carol That Never Was
10 New Year's Day Twinkle Crisis!
11 Rumble on Valentine's Day! Fight for Your Right to Love
12 Landosol's Ace Detective: The Case of the Woeful Stalker
13 The Twin Flowers of Astrum
14 Shogun Chronicles: The Whitewing Samurai
15 Re:ZERO -Sharing Lunch in Another World-
16 Suzuna's Rainbow Stage!
17 Dog Days in the Maho-Maho Kingdom: A Soulful Seaside Summer!
18 The Woodland Loner and the Saintly School Lycéennes
19 Little Brave Halloween Night!
20 Dragon Explorers
21 Present Panic! The Santas of Landosol
22 Ready, Set, Go! The Landosol Guild Race
23 The Magical Girl Duo: We Are Misty & Purely
24 Starlight Princess Re:M@STER!
25 The Angelic Foundation and the Saintly School Lycéennes
26 The Four Farming Warriors: Endeavors of a Broke Ranch
27 Rino in Wonderland: Little Alice and the Picture Book of Hope
28 Tanabata Swordswoman's Travel Tales: Summer Love That Flows in the Sky
29 Misato Summer Cheer! Dream-chasing Midsummer Nine
30 Happy Change Angels
31 Echo! Scream! Halloween Ghost Festival
32 Magical Admiral Lovely★Monica Let's Go! Magical Quartet!
33 Débutante Shangri-La Holy Night Love Game
34 New Year's Gourmet Princess! The Maidens Who Put Their All into One Throw
35 Bonds, Connected, Hearts, Tied [2]
36 Cinderella Lesson - Gorgeous Days Are The Taste of Apples
37 The Steel Lady and the Lycéenne of the Holy School
38 Inori SOS!! Time Travel Dragons
39 Telectricity: Aoi's Toy Friends!
40 Endless Summer Production
41 Carmina Summer Live: Just a Moment
42 Illegal Ooedo Karte: Dr. Mitsuki's Clinic
43 Halloween Savers Scramble
44 Magical Noire
45 Merry Pudding Christmas: Flying Girl and Sweets of a Sincere Heart
46 Operation Sheffy's Errand: New Year Gourmet Memories!
47 Re:member - The Future Spun By My Desires
48 Sweet Tiny Stage! A Fledgling Actress And A Little Lady
49 Give Me The Treasure! Invisible Stealers
50 Episode of Pirates - Cursed Treasure of The Pirate Island
51 Enjoy & Refresh! Bumpy Girls Camp
52 Twinkle Summer Game ~ The Feelings of 3 in the Sparkling Summer Ocean
53 Little Summer Memories: A Little Happiness Found on the Shore
54 Maho Maho Miracle Journey! The Traveling Girl and the Great Tree at the End of the World
55 Favorite! Love! Gathering! The Supreme Festival and the Girls' Secret Fangirl Work!
56 Tribal Spirits: A Bridge of Sword and Pride to Raise
57 Happy Happenings! ~Twin Angels of Happiness and a Present for the Holy Night
58 Steamy Year-End Strange Tale: A Cup For The First Sunrise
59 Liberate The Eden: In A Future, One Day, Where We Will Meet Again
60 Welcome to Cafe Naschkatze: A Coffee Shop With Cats And Candy
61 Dears: Promises of Departure and Return
62 Vampire Folklore - A Night Gathering

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