Princess Connect Re:Dive Wiki

Bonus Shop is a Shop in Princess Connect! Re:Dive where players can spend Mana earned from Quests to purchase Exp Potions and Equipment.


The Bonus Shop occasionally appears after main quests are completed and stays open for ten minutes.

How it works[]

  • The Bonus Shop will open occasionally after quest completion.
  • Once open, the Bonus Shop will only remain open for ten minutes
  • The Bonus Shop is only available five times per day
  • The Bonus Shop can be manually closed prior to the ten minute limit by pressing the Close Now button at the bottom of the shop menu
  • The Bonus Shop will only reappear when closed and there are remaining appearances for the day.

Resetting the Bonus Shop[]

  • Bonus Shop appearances refresh upon server reset allowing 5 chances for the Bonus Shop to spawn per day.

Items For Sale[]

Item Cost
Item Super EXP Potion
Icon Mana Mana × 20,000
Item Mega EXP Potion
Icon Mana Mana × 60,000

Note: Table also includes 6 randomized pieces of Equipment of varying rarity. Mana cost varies based on equipment rarity.