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JeForceX JeForceX 16 August 2022

Wiki Revival Project

Hi everyone,

I am an ordinary public contributor just like anyone else on this wiki without the key appointment roles.

It has come to my attention that the Princess Connect! Re:Dive Wiki has become dormant due to the inactivity of community members with Administrator and Bureaucrat roles.

I would like to introduce this Wiki Revival Project of mine with the community for a better understanding of what I intend to do and why stuff are being moved around on this wiki.

If you are interested in helping out with this project, please take some time to read through the contents.

  • 1 Situation
    • 1.1 Dormancy of Key Appointment Holders
    • 1.2 Aged & Broken Main Page
  • 2 What needs to be done
  • 3 How to get things done
    • 3.1 Five for the Future
    • 3.2 Read the Docs
  • 4 Next Steps
    • 4.1 Adopt t…

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Mochatan Mochatan 18 March 2019

Character Page Interface Complete

I have completed the current update to the Character Page Interface. Data is still to be added and we appreciate any and all contributions made by translators of all levels. If you have any questions or requests for data input, I recommend posting them to me and I can pass on a message if you are unsure on who else to contact.

Please note that at this current time, we only have 1 major translator who is currently very busy so please do not expect major translations to be done any time soon. Minor translators such as myself are also currently busy and very slowly working on translating certain works.

All requests will go to the minor translators.

If you yourself can translate some texts, please contact me. We could use all the help we can get,…

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TKRotund TKRotund 13 December 2018

I'm planing to adopt Princess Connect Re:Dive Wiki

As you all know the situation of this wiki well, It's rather obsolate and abandoned. I decided to step up and do something about this wiki along with Mochatan. We are trying our best to contribute as much as we can on wiki But since something can be only achieve by being Admin of Wiki itself and the old staffs of Admin are absent for a really long time

I decide to applied myself as this wiki's admin to make things easier and some authority of Admin are needed to keep this wiki alive. If you all have any other opinion, you can comment and tell me here.  

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