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Ascension is a Game System in Princess Connect! Re:Dive which allows players to upgrade the rarity of Playable Characters.


The Ascension tab is the fourth tab on Enhance Characters screen. This Screen is used when Ascending Characters and increasing their rarity with Memory Shards. Increasing rarity will increase Character's HP, Attack, and Defense stats using percentage scaling. When Characters reach 3★ and 6★ they will also unlock additional Character Episodes, new Character Art, and Sprites. Upgrading to 5★ for a character will upgrade their EX skill. Upgrading to 6★ will upgrade their Union Burst.

How to Ascend Characters[]

2★ to 5★ Ascension[]

To Ascend a Character, Mana and a Character's Memory Shards are needed. The amount of Memory Shards required, amount in the Player's possession, and where to find Memory Shards can be found by pressing the How to Obtain Button on the left.

The How to Obtain button will show methods to gain Memory Shards for Characters. Each Character's Memory Shards are found in different Hard Main Quests. The stages or shops displayed will show where to acquire Character Memory Shards. (Players will be moved to the appropriate stage for Memory Shards that drop from a Hard Quests or moved to the Divine Amulet Shop.)

Ascension Materials[]

Rarity Cost
Item Pecorine Memory Shard
Item Pecorine Memory Shard
Item Mana
Item Pecorine Memory Shard
Item Mana
Item Pecorine Memory Shard
Item Mana
Item Pecorine Memory Shard
Item Mana
Item Pecorine Memory Shard
Item Mana

When the required amount of Memory Shards and Mana have been acquired, the Ascension Button can be used to Ascend a character.

A confirmation screen will pop up allowing Players to check the stats gained from Ascension and new Character Art (if Ascending to 3★). After pressing confirm, the character will Ascend and gain improved stats and/or new Character Art depending on rarity.

6★ Ascension[]

By default, Character rarity is capped at 5★. However, some Characters can be Ascended to 6★.
6★ Ascension includes:

  • Improved stats
  • New Character Art
  • New Character Sprite
  • Improved/Reworked Union Burst


Character rarity must be 5★ and their Unique Equipment must be equipped before 6★ Ascension becomes available.

6★ Ascension Materials[]

Item Pecorine Memory Shard
Item Pecorine Pure Memory Shard
Item Princess Orb
Item Mana
  • Pure Memory Shards can drop from Very Hard Main Quest stages.
  • Princess Orbs can drop from Temple Trek stages .
  • Completing each set of needed Materials grants stat upgrades.
  • Princess Orbs upgrade in 5 steps and must be fully upgraded before Ascension can be performed.

6★ Quest[]

Once all required materials are collected, the 6★ Quest for the specified Character will need to be cleared. You must use that Character in your team comp and win a fight against their own Shadow, which has an Upgraded version of their Union Burst. (6★ Quests do not cost Stamina and can be tried indefinitely until cleared.) Once you complete the 6★ Quest, you will receive rewards and the 6★ Quest Button will change into the Ascension Button.

After tapping the Ascension Button, a confirmation screen will display the stats gained from Ascending, new Character Art, and the improved/reworked Union Burst. After pressing confirm, the character will Ascend and gain improved stats, new Character Art, and an upgraded Union Burst.

List of 6★ Characters[]

Icon Name Pure Memory
Shard Availability
Character Pecorine 6 Icon Pecorine Main Quest 18-1 (VERY HARD)
Character Kokkoro 6 Icon Kokkoro Main Quest 18-2 (VERY HARD)
Character Karyl 6 Icon Karyl Main Quest 18-3 (VERY HARD)
Character Rino 6 Icon Rino Main Quest 19-1 (VERY HARD)
Character Lima 6 Icon Lima Main Quest 19-2 (VERY HARD)
Character Io 6 Icon Io Main Quest 19-3 (VERY HARD)
Character Yukari 6 Icon Yukari Main Quest 20-1 (VERY HARD)
Character Maho 6 Icon Maho Main Quest 20-2 (VERY HARD)
Character Yui 6 Icon Yui Main Quest 20-3 (VERY HARD)
Character Rei 6 Icon Rei Main Quest 21-1 (VERY HARD)
Character Hiyori 6 Icon Hiyori Main Quest 21-2 (VERY HARD)
Character Hatsune 6 Icon Hatsune Main Quest 21-3 (VERY HARD)
Character Tamaki 6 Icon Tamaki Main Quest 22-1 (VERY HARD)
Character Mifuyu 6 Icon Mifuyu Main Quest 22-2 (VERY HARD)
Character Shizuru 6 Icon Shizuru Main Quest 22-3 (VERY HARD)
Character Ayane 6 Icon Ayane Main Quest 23-1 (VERY HARD)
Character Saren 6 Icon Saren Main Quest 23-2 (VERY HARD)
Character Akino 6 Icon Akino Main Quest 23-3 (VERY HARD)
Character Ninon 6 Icon Ninon Main Quest 24-1 (VERY HARD)
Character Mahiru 6 Icon Mahiru Main Quest 24-2 (VERY HARD)
Character Suzuna 6 Icon Suzuna Main Quest 24-3 (VERY HARD)
Character Yori 6 Icon Yori Main Quest 25-1 (VERY HARD)
Character Akari 6 Icon Akari Main Quest 25-2 (VERY HARD)
Character Mimi 6 Icon Mimi Main Quest 25-3 (VERY HARD)
Character Misogi 6 Icon Misogi Main Quest 26-1 (VERY HARD)
Character Kyoka 6 Icon Kyoka Main Quest 26-2 (VERY HARD)
Character Nozomi 6 Icon Nozomi Main Quest 26-3 (VERY HARD)
Character Suzume 6 Icon Suzume Main Quest 27-1 (VERY HARD)
Character Kurumi 6 Icon Kurumi Main Quest 27-2 (VERY HARD)
Character Kaori 6 Icon Kaori Main Quest 27-3 (VERY HARD)
Character Aoi 6 Icon Aoi Main Quest 28-1 (VERY HARD)
Character Djeeta 6 Icon Djeeta Main Quest 28-2 (VERY HARD)
Character Nanaka 6 Icon Nanaka Main Quest 28-3 (VERY HARD)
Character Monika 6 Icon Monika Main Quest 29-1 (VERY HARD)
Character Arisa 6 Icon Arisa Main Quest 29-2 (VERY HARD)
Character Misaki 6 Icon Misaki Main Quest 29-3 (VERY HARD)
Character Chika 6 Icon Chika Main Quest 30-1 (VERY HARD)
Character Pecorine (Summer) 6 Icon Pecorine (Summer) Main Quest 30-2 (VERY HARD)
Character Kokkoro (Summer) 6 Icon Kokkoro (Summer) Main Quest 30-3 (VERY HARD)
Character Karyl (Summer) 6 Icon Karyl (Summer) Main Quest 31-1 (VERY HARD)
Character Kuka 6 Icon Kuka Main Quest 31-2 (VERY HARD)
Character Rin 6 Icon Rin Main Quest 31-3 (VERY HARD)
Character Miyako 6 Icon Miyako Main Quest 32-1 (VERY HARD)
Character Misato 6 Icon Misato Main Quest 32-2 (VERY HARD)
Character Kuka 6 Icon Kuka Main Quest 32-3 (VERY HARD)
Character Eriko 6 Icon Eriko Main Quest 33-1 (VERY HARD)
Character Shinobu 6 Icon Shinobu Main Quest 33-2 (VERY HARD)
Character Illya 6 Icon Illya Main Quest 33-3 (VERY HARD)
Character Sheffy 6 Icon Sheffy Main Quest 34-1 (VERY HARD))


Other Languages[]

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Ascension -
Sainou Kaika
Talent Blooming
Korean -